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aussieJJDude 01-17-2013 01:26 AM

DIY Pools and background (pics)
Here is some bad pics :P
The pools (this is with the smaller version):
(Mind the books, thats the only way to hold it up :P)
The Styrofoam background before hand (This will rest on the sand)
Now: :D
(There will be more background, I have only done this third)

Well it is box part is 19 x 13 x 18cm of the salt water. the fresh water is 19 x 32 x 18. then the ramp is this (divided by 2 though) for the salt water part 9 x 5 x 9. the fresh water one is 9 x 16 x 9. They mostly going to be empty, besides a few rocks and sub.
The type of plants I'm going for is a java moss (My crabs don't have ill side affects from it so it is OK), duck weed and maybe a banana plant... I am going to add shrimp, maybe a few guppy/bristle nose fry from my other tank, but the bristle nose will go back into my other tank :D So it isn't going to stay in there long term. And of course snails, What would be the point of having land snails if there is no aquatic snails? :P All of these will be fresh water, I so far haven't kept SW critters. But I have kept pico fresh water tank, so I am use to having small tanks.
I am going to use a pump for a water fall for the fresh water pool, the salt water one might have a filter, or it may just be a air stone.
Also, I can't have med sized pools, I love to, but I don't think my day would like me to cut a new plexi glass glass...

aussieJJDude 01-17-2013 01:28 AM

Here is the background. got to still do some touch ups tomorrow. But so happy that the tank is going up (beside finding a dead crab in the tank)
Here was the base before
Now :greenyay:
a lil hidey hole :-D
another one (more of a tunnel with a hidey hole in it) :bluelaugh:
A extra place (there is a hole in the second level, will place cholla in here, up to the second level)
Before (second & third level)
the second level (see the hole :-D)
third (this need a major touch up)
and to hold up the levels (the thing at the bottom is a PVC pipe)
And with the pools, they leaked. So i took them out and doing them again :D

redchigh 01-17-2013 02:23 PM

What did you paint the foam with? I'm about to do something similiar with great stuff spray foam, sealed with plasti-dip.

aussieJJDude 01-18-2013 03:49 PM

Nope, just pasted cement on top of the foam. The rocky look is due to useing a really old and opened bag of cement - but you could just mix rocks in...
Also, this is going in my hermit crab tank, so I dont know if the foam is safe under water - is it?

redchigh 01-18-2013 04:45 PM

I've heard of spray foam being safe, but I'm painting mine with Krylon Fusion, then sealing with thinned Plasti-dip.

aussieJJDude 01-18-2013 09:36 PM

OK, finished the background... Now letting it dry!
Get pics of it when all dry!

redchigh 01-19-2013 01:08 AM

We can't wait that long! Ill post mine if you post yours... ;)

aussieJJDude 01-19-2013 04:46 PM

Finished :-D all dry!
I need to do the silicone then I post pics of the pools and the background - ok? :lol:

redchigh 01-20-2013 02:20 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Mine's not nearly as intricate, and it's not quite done.. But here's a peek.

Here's what it's based on:,%20NPS.jpg

It's getting one more coat of sealant tinted black, so it'll end up being a little darker.

The weird "ropes" on the bottom will seperate different types of substrate- sand in the front, and gravel and rocks in the back.

aussieJJDude 01-20-2013 03:43 PM

Wow, yours looks great! I love it - better than mine :D

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