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Sylverclaws 01-16-2013 05:58 PM

Orange Betta
Check this out. Orange Betta. LOL I've never seen the like, but I know they exist...well, obviously. Heh. Well, obviously I JUST got him, he's still in his baggie. I'm floating him now before he gets into his new tank., He'll be in a divided twenty gallon that is heated, planted and filtered. =)

aussieJJDude 01-17-2013 01:35 AM

Wow, that is so sick!
Can we see pics of him in his tank? :-)

Romad 01-17-2013 04:31 AM

He's a beauty!! I'd love to find a true orange boy. Congrats.

Sylverclaws 01-17-2013 02:01 PM

Thanks. And yes, I'll see about getting some photos and more video of him later on. I've gotta fix my divider, the stupid thing is -made- for the twenty gallon but it lets things slip through the side. lol That was almost a disaster, but I guess Mister Orange(I think I'm gonna call him Jack for Jack-o-lantern, maybe...still thinking), wasn't hungry. The tank that is currently my nursery for my livebearer fry was divided for him. Later on it'll be him and either my sorority in the divided tank, or him and another male...Not sure on that one, don't want them banging into the divider and hurting themselves.

I'm currently saving up money and containers so I can breed them, originally I was going to breed my orchid betta with my gold female. But now I am thinking I may breed my orange betta with either one of my blue females or my white one since my Orchid is....extreme(That one doesn't even get along with mystery snails let alone female betta). lol I hear the male always comes out dominant in the genes, but regardless...well, I live in Denver, so breeding an orange with a blue...what are the odds I might get a Bronco betta? xD Jack DOES have some blue on his tail. He's a Bronco betta. =p
Eh well, I actually already have homes picked out for....IF I do breed them. I'm not even sure I'll ever breed my betta, sounds like very touchy work to me. =p

Sylverclaws 01-17-2013 10:55 PM

Well, Jack as I am calling my orange betta(short for Jack-O-Lantern, thank Chesherca for the idea =p), ended up in my medical tank where I have some he's in a breeder. Hopefully only temporarily. He's got some light damage to his dorsal's kinda curled, looks like a break over rot or anything. I dunno, but it's just incase...
Well, this is also where my female betta sorority lives, they didn't really appreciate this...actually all but one kinda liked him. My red female got stressed, I hope she'll chill out. ^^; I figured I'd put him in there in the breeder for medicating over medicating a second tank. Either he or my other male will be in the divided 20 gallon tank later or both males, or one male and the females, I haven't decided. The females like the tank they're in, so I may divide the twenty for the males and block it so they can't see eachother.

Anywho, I got some photos of him, sorry about the bad lighting and a little spot algae, my nerite snails are out of there right now, they keep that in check so I'm not scrubbing it away all the time. Bah, pain in the butt algae, but the snails wont do well with that current medication so I'll be stuck for a few weeks. LOL

Personally I thought this photo was hilarious. He actually figured out she was a female or just didn't care after this. He hasn't flared at anyone else (aside from Red, obviously), and she didn't get stressed out. lol Kinda like a "Hi there" moment and they got over it. He hasn't been flaring or stressed and ziggy. The only one upset about this is my red female. x.x Hopefully she'll get over it like the others did so I don't have to medicate a second tank. ^^; He looks pretty red in the photos, but tha's because I have one of those lights that come out kinda purpley.

Yeah, he'll be happier once he is out of the woods there and has his own place. I feel kinda bad taking him from a cup to a breeder, but he's gotta be fixed up from that petshop yuck! Even though he is from a better shop, he was still in a cup. ^^; He's orange with some blue on his tail...yup, he's a bronco betta. These photos were taken less than a minute after he was put there, right now he's actually acting better and doesn't look dog eyes. c.c

Here's Big Red making an...butt of herself. lol She's the more insecure female who I initially thought would be the most aggressive. My smallest female actually holds top rank in the group and since the five have been together not one fight or flare has happened. But Red always challenges new things, including decorations of all things. LOL At the moment, she's lost her stress lines and isn't picking at him and he's ignoring her. He's liking my big blue girl though, she's full of eggs. And no, I'm not planning anything....yet.

Almost forgot to show you my big blue girl. She's very interested in him but doesn't seem aggressive after the initial meeting(which is this photo), she just hangs out int hat area...I've never had females before, so I'm still learning their behavior and signals, I can't tell if she's REALLY flirting like I thought, or if she is telling him she's boss and knows it...

I can't wait to have them all out of their medical yuck and into proper homes. They'll be so much happier. lol I'm gonna put a plant in there for him so it's less....well, I'm sure it has to be stressful. =/ But it wont last long, I hope. He doesn't seem bad off, just a damaged fin I want to be SURE doesn't get infected before I put him back in his tank.

Sanguinefox 01-17-2013 11:12 PM

Oh wow, he's beautiful with that bright orange color! Good job on bringing him home and I hope he adjusts well once he's out of the ladies swimming pool :D

aussieJJDude 01-18-2013 03:53 PM

Wow, be looks like some ladies man :lol:

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