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rrusli 03-04-2008 06:00 PM

clown loach activity
Hi, when I brought my clown loach back from the pet store and put him in the tank, he freaked out and jumped out of the water and on the floor. It took me about 10 seconds to get him back into the tank; he seems ok, but he sits around in the corners without moving and is very afraid of me. He also seems to be shaking more than usual. Is he going to be ok?

kevinoh33 03-04-2008 06:29 PM

did you dunk the bag in the tank for 15 minutes before putting it into the tank?

rrusli 03-04-2008 07:03 PM

yes; i think he's ok, he's just terrified when i get near the tank

willow 03-15-2008 06:26 PM

have you somewhere for him to hide,like caves ?
how many other clown loaches have you got. ?

rrusli 03-15-2008 07:40 PM

just him, i wanted to get more but then i realized that the tank was way too small after some research. Would it be more healthy for him to have a friend or just him in the 10 gallon tank? I have 7 other balloon mollies with him, 5 are babies and they all seem to get along fine.

comando489 03-15-2008 08:44 PM

10 gal is not going to be enough for just one clown loach let alone 7 mollies

willow 03-16-2008 04:02 AM

oh,i didn't think that there was just the one clown loach,
the kindest thing for you to do is to take him back
to the fish store,as soon as possible !! he needs to be in a big group,and he has the potential to go to 10in +
also in his stressed state he will probably develope "ich"
and i don't think you want that for your tank.
sorry. :(

rrusli 03-16-2008 10:35 AM

i can't return him though!! :cry:

willow 03-16-2008 11:50 AM

why is there a problem with returning him ?

rrusli 03-16-2008 08:20 PM

It's the owner's policy, i dont think he cares about the fish after he sells them, he's kind of a jerk

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