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Chesh 01-15-2013 01:10 PM

Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;)
Thought it'd be fun to start a photo thread of pictures that AREN'T fish-related. If you want to share them - post them up! :-D
I'll be back to post some later. . . when things quiet down around here. . .

Sylverclaws 01-15-2013 01:46 PM

Hahahaha, did I cause this? Well, if so, I may as well be first. I love the name of the thread, that's funny. You will hopefully not regret making this thread...because I will put up a thousand photos...

I'll share my weasels(ferrets) with you guys first. :3

That's Coopers fuzzy little butt hanging out of the hammock last night, I couldn't resist. =)

And my darling girl Ren, she looks big in this photo, but she's tiny, earning her the nickname "Little Bird Ren" even though the bird one is spelled Wren. She was a year old last December. =)

Here's Ren, Crybaby Cooper the chunky male ferret(he got that name because he whines like a puppy, has since he was teeny tiny baby, he'll be one year old on the 22nd of January), and Leo the Cat, or as my friends call him: Pillow Cat!

Crybaby Cooper sleeping in my grandma's shoe...:

Super Pillow Cat Leo:

Cooper the night I got him, he was only about six weeks old, they're not allowed to sell them that young, but they messed up the shipment because they're dumb...and didn't want to send him from Colorado BACK to New York again(yes, dumb people exist everywhere, I can go on and on about how poor fish are treated, but this was just plain dangerous! He was only a little over five weeks when they sent him across the states in freezing weather, he still needed mom!)...and since I have experience with babies far too young, I got him. Well, he got me. ^^; He whined like a puppy and climbed up my arm when I was reaching for another ferret, I didn't even see him. lol Thankfully he ended up at a Petco where they had a woman who knew all about ferrets and she kept him eating properly before me. =)

Here's Ren with my little cousin, she LOVES kids. We don't let her hold them often, even though Ren would like her to. She's old enough, but sometimes I worry anyways.

Here's one of my other cousins with Cooper. He's actually EXTREMELY excited about his hat, he loves that silly hat.

Here's my cats Leo and Benni, it was cold. lol

Annnd, I figure I should embarrass myself, no those sheets are NOT mine, mine were in the wash...I swear. LOL This is me and my dog, Boomer. He snuck in with me one day, I think he was cold. My grandma saw my door open the next morning and couldn't resist snapping a photo. Oh, I got her back when she fell asleep on the couch with a bad hairday. HA! She claims it was morning, but I can see it's still dark and I still have wet hair from my shower, so I think she did this all on purpose for a photo.

And here's the one I CAN show you of her without her killing me. This is the woman who hated my ferrets, hated them BEFORE I got them, screamed and ran from the one with her now after I got them...and then obviously they got to her, it's impossible not to fall in love with them. Aside from Cooper and my cat and dog, my grandma is the ONLY other person Ren will crawl in and sleep with. ^^l

SeaHorse 01-15-2013 01:56 PM

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Ok Here goes!
For those of you who call me "JACKIE".... It is in fact JAKE-IE. My User name is my dog's nickname. JAKE is a 10 year old Miniature Schnauzer. He is also called Jakiebabie, JakeZee, Little Man, Budd, Bear... and "Hey!! Be Quiet!". He's a bit of a Yapper when someone comes to the door. He is missing quite a few teeth so his tongue hangs out.
This little man know exactly what he wants, when he wants it, and it's usually wanted now! He knows exactly what time dinner is! The rest of the time he is asleep on the couch. :-D

willow 01-15-2013 02:01 PM

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here's Bert.

Chesh 01-15-2013 04:45 PM

Willow! NICE shots there! What a beauty. . . wow! I want to know all about him!

Jakie - you already know I love your puppy :) SOOOO CUTE! I love the other pup you've posted pics of, too. I don't remember his name, tho :( But he's a cutie!

Sylver - YES! YOU did cause this. . . *giggle* remember how you 'spammed' my thread with random pictures today? That. *nods* Was my inspiration! (I don't miund the spam, btw, lol) You should post those pics up, too - I don't think a lot of people really look at my tank thread, so it might have been a wasted effort, but some of those shots are gorgeous, share them with everyone! I love all the furrababy pics, too! <3

I haven't had much time to upload anything today, but I WILL! This'll be an awesome thread!

SeaHorse 01-15-2013 04:58 PM

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The "other Pup".... Dillon..... For those who don't know him.... My Wire Haired Fox Terrier Dillon. da,da,da...DA!! Some omg baby pics! and one with buddy Jake in the forest!

Sylverclaws 01-15-2013 06:08 PM

Oh my gosh what CUTE puppies! And Bearded Dragons! *_* I used to have an Iguana named Ikris. lol She was awesome...yes, she. She was named when we thought she was a boy, she was only about seven inches long when I got her, she grew to five and ahalf feet long. She woulda been bigger, but she had an accident with her tail when she was growing. =/ Thankfully that was the ONLY accident we ever had.
Well, I can re-post those photos later on, but that will require me to find them again in my masses of thousands of photos. LOL Took me about an hour to find them all this morning. ^^; I've got hundreds of those, I just thought I'd give some of my best talked about shots. I'd really like to find the one I got of our mass of sparrows flying around the bird feeder in a blizzard.

Hehe, can't resist this photo, Leo actually got stuck in my little cousins costume wings himself, I just took advantage of the situation with my camera.

And my mothers demon dog Gizmo for Halloween, you can't tell me that doesn't look perfect.

How many dogs do you see in this photo? Lol Yes, four, the one on the table is one I was dog-sitting, he's a stinker. Boomer is on the couch, Gizmo with his cute puppy cut(not so devilish anymore) and Maggie, our old yellow lab who unfortunately passed away last year is out on the floor too. I should probably explain Maggie's tummy. We adopted her from a shelter, she was supposed to have been spayed...well they missed, so the poor girld had to go through it again. =( The dumb things some people do!

These two are adorable and cuddly. =)

Juvenile Benni, sleeping in the clothes again, he was only like...four or five months old, it was still winter. =)

Who doesn't like intelligent bugs?! These things are like aliens, I love them. We don't get them often, but this year we had a huge swarm, first one I EVER saw...landed on my face while I was outside on the trampoline. xD I almost died, scared me! But this one here fell in the pool, I put him on the side and he was watching me. :3 After he left, I emptied the pool so no more awesome creatures would die or attempt it.

Boomer and Benni, Boomer has bed-head. lol

Boomer at Saint Mary's Glacier, looks like a wave is headed our way, eh? lol

Part one....:

Part two...:

Yes, my friend turned it into an lolcap, can't find the original:

Leo learned from Benni....

Terrible me, I almost forgot Myrrh. She lived to be 20 years old, she passed away at the beginning of last year.

OH, I also forgot Houdini, a little injured baby bunny I found in our window-well. He unfortunately did not live long after he healed because my mothers dog...well, she came over unannounced. T_T Well, don't be too depressed, he was wild born but injured bad enough he couldn't be returned, it wouldn't have been much of a life with humans, even though he was a good cuddler, and he was spoiled at the end, loved strawberries. I had the pleasure of his bunny kisses and cuddling for about six months after this photo was taken, he got very big, he fit in my hand when I found him. Since my cat is the one that injured him and dumped him in the well, I figured I'd doctor him up and release him, unfortunately his back leg worked, but not well enough he could escape our neighborhood foxes.

And yeah...old photo of me, thought you guys might want to see the creep behind the glass. Yes, I have red hair, but keep in mind both of my parents are blonde.... It was -34F outside and I was by the window, also had some problems with my sight at the time so I had to wear sunglasses on the comp or in any bright light. lol No, I don't dress that way normally! xD

Chesh 01-15-2013 07:57 PM

Sylver... you post too many pictures to comment on individually, so I'm just gonna have to cover everything with a big fat AWW! FUZZY! CUTENESS! I do really like the fairycat and demondog - and BUNNIES! I swoon for bunnies... AND? NO FAIR! You can't post pictures up so we can 'see creep behind the glass' and have the picture be hiding EVERY FEATURE of your face - and declare it 'old' at that! I call foul! It's MY thread, I officially deem THAT against the rules. *sulks*

Jakie - YES! DILLON! Thank you for that - he's just such a sweetie! I remember the pictures of. . .was it Dillon? watching your tanks? LOL. Too cute... I actually bullied my fuzzyfriends into a proper photoshoot a few months ago. Do you know I haven't had a chance to even LOOK at those pictures yet? Argh... I'll have to get on that, and upload a few for you. I have two pups and a kitty. :) Luff them. . . So Jakie is your grandpuppy, right? LOL, that's too cute. But why is your SN after that dog and not your own? This has always confused me. . .

Hrm... I can post pics of my HUMAN babies without dealing with uploading! Got THOUSANDS of those on Photobucket. . . no exaggeration. . .if you like people babies.

Sylverclaws 01-15-2013 08:26 PM

Hahahaha, because I was covered up it WAS creeping behind the glass, and the photo is about six years old. >_>; I don't think I have any new ones, but some less old ones without as much cover. Not big on sharing my face though....Hrm...Yeaaah, bad lighting and I was tired. And when I say creep this time...I mean I'm creep-y. LOL Well, no, I'm not. But you know how people are when posting themselves! So yes, Snow White enters the building, and no, it's not -just- the light(didn't help matters though), I really am pretty much paper white. ^^; Can't call foul this time, no hiding. HAPPY? xD I got a little larger in the last six years. That happens when kids are involved...and YES, I LOVE BABIES!

This photo is only about a year old, a tad more. I've since had my hair cut off and I donated it last christmas, the one before this last one...yeah. c.c I had about two feet of hair(this is what I looked like AFTER donating), thought I'd share. My hair is only just barely able to get into a ponytail right now, I've been keeping it shorter since. I'm gonna grow it out and donate it again next christmas though.

SeaHorse 01-15-2013 08:29 PM

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So Jakie is your grandpuppy, right? LOL, that's too cute. But why is your SN after that dog and not your own? This has always confused me. . .
No Jakie is mine. My SN?
Sawyer (black), Charlie (Coon Hound) and Lakota (Husky) are my grandbabies!! They all love their Grammy.

Here they are all together! Sorry for the crappy pic, it's a screen shot off a cell phone!

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