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emeraldsky 01-15-2013 12:19 PM

Potential 40g Stocking Help
So after thinking about it, I'll be swapping some of the stock of my tanks around which leaves me with a 40g breeder just about empty to restock.

I'd like to keep it pretty understocked, its at my moms house and while I come over to clean it every week, there may be a chance that I wont be able to get over there and miss a week.

Tank will be medium to heavily planted, all low light and/or faster growing plants for the most part. (Hornwort, Anacharis, Rotalla, Anubias, etc) and is already fully cycled.

Right now, I have 3 pearl gourami (1M/2F) that have to go in the tank since I already have them. I also have 4 swordtail fry that are too small to be sold back to my lfs atm.

Other than that, free rein.

I was thinking a smaller school of cherry barbs since those seem popular with pearl gourami and i think the red will offset my male pearl gourami nicely c: Not sure on bottom dwellers but I'd like something cleaner if possible. Would a farlowella work? I'd like something prolific too, my gourami are really shy.

I like oddball fish and have an lfs that can order just about anything for me. Fish should also be pretty hardy since I wont be able to be there to watch the tank all the time.

So any suggestions would be helpful :)

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