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Cody 03-03-2008 08:34 PM

Fire Bellied Newt Questions
I came across these guys today and I want one. :P So I jst need to know some of its basic care. I read they like indacascent bulbs, 5 gallons per newt is suffiencent, they of course need a land area, heater (for coldwater), filter, plants, etc. I have my old 5 gallon tank laying around and I still have the tank, hood, heater and light. Now for the questions...

-Would this tank be suitable enough for 1 fire bellied newt?
-I plan on adding 3-5" or so of water, and build a custom DIY glass platform on the back edge, with ramps gonig off each end (left and right edges) for a land platform. I might add some reptile carpet at the top. Suffiencent enough?
-I think I would use live plants.
-I would use a whisper filter, and place rocks in front of it to hide it and create a waterfall. This would go under the glass platform. Similar to this picture: . Thoughts?
-What would be the best thing to feed the FBN?

Any other tips would be appreiciated. Thanks.

herefishy 03-05-2008 03:01 AM

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