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Misomie 01-11-2013 01:05 AM

Final Stocking to 75 gallon
I'm working on finalizing my fish stocks in the 75 gallon. :3 (I thought it was good for awhile but then I thought increasing the schools would be pretty cool)

Here is the current stocking:
x12 Rosy barbs (I'm mad at them because two females turned out to be dudes and I'm not even sure what gender another one is, it is orange XP)
x6 Zebra danios (1 more will be added for sure)
x6 Glowlight Danios (I love these! Adding has been slow because of how hard they are to find)
x1 Tiger Snail (I'm thinking of 2-3 more)
x2 Swordtails (1-2 more are needed. Quality Swords are hard for me to find :K)
x1 CAE

So, should I just stick to adding a few more danios or can I increase their school numbers by a much larger amount? :3 (the zebras are pretty chill in the tank and often don't school that closely. The Glowlights school much closer, sometimes a zebra hangs out with them)

Byron 01-11-2013 05:16 PM

I would increase the two danio species by 3-5 more each.

The CAE (presumably Chinese Algae Eater) I would get rid of before trouble happens; profile explains why.


Misomie 01-12-2013 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by Byron (Post 1386993)
I would increase the two danio species by 3-5 more each.

The CAE (presumably Chinese Algae Eater) I would get rid of before trouble happens; profile explains why.


The zebra school would be easy to increase, the glowlight's will take forever. XP (my LFS sells them for ~5 each when they are in stock)

As for my CAE, I have already considered if I should rehome her or not. (I spent a good amount of time thinking about it) I had seen her aggressive side a few years ago when she was small (she killed 5 goldfish) (this was before I knew much about fish). However I have not seen a problem with her messing with any other fish. (I spent several hours observing her interactions with them.)

My rosies mess with her the most and will sometimes nip her if she is in the area of gravel that they are picking at. She doesn't react to this.

Sometimes the snail is in one of her favorite spots. When she tries to "clean" it (I'm no longer sure what she's sucking at when cleaning as she has reached the age where algae isn't appealing) with him on it, she looks rather awkward. XD (She doesn't want to touch him but still wants to be on the object, once she latched onto his shell but then let go half a second later, clearly not enjoying it. XP)

I understand that she could become a problem but all fish are different and have different genetics that determine how they act with one another. She doesn't get along with slow fish that are larger than her but is fine with my quicker and smaller fish. (I won't be getting another one after her though)

I also don't see the point in re-homing her because I doubt many people would be willing to give her her own tank or have a compatible tank. As long as mine works out she'll be with me.

Also, I'm aware of her power as I sometimes see the results of her rearranging. (she moves large rocks sometimes and moves plants and such.) A few times I have caught her messing with the thermometer. She'll grab onto it and it'll sink down. Once at the bottom of the tank she'll let it go and it'll pop back up and smack into the tank's lid. XP (The first few times I heard the thunk I was confused but after watching her it makes sense)

Once I get a camera I'll take some videos/photos of her and how she interacts with the other fish.

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