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Misomie 01-11-2013 12:12 AM

ID Help with my Cray?
I got him (or her) several months ago. I haven't seen a recent shedding but I have had to raise the den a few times due to growth. XP (So I guess I'm just missing it)

When I got him he looked like a large ghost Shrimp. He was given to me by some Petco worker due to the fact it snuck in with their goldfish shipment and no one else pointed out how cute he was XD. He is currently four inches long. Here is an old picture of him:

His claws are actually red now and there is a dark navy blue (maybe black) down the ridge on his tail. His tail tip is red.He has these white lumps on his claws. He's had them for awhile now.

Also, I am unable to catch him so I can't identify his gender. What's a trick to get it without getting clawed? Yes, he has pinched me before. :K (he has actually become more and more aggressive with my hand but is a pushover to the fish in his tank. They try to steal the food directly from him and he doesn't do much about it except retreat to his cave with is food)

Lately he has been keeping his tail fin (I guess) curled. Could he be the self-replicating kind? :3 (By the way, his name is Dr. Cray. XD)

InvertPlanet 01-17-2013 05:19 AM

looks like a marbled or something similar

What color is it when it molts?

Misomie 01-17-2013 11:18 PM

He actually doesn't look that different when he molds. Just a tad lighter and his red colorations are a bit brighter. Hopefully I can get a camera soon to take an up-to-date photo.

I held a ruler up to him and he is actually almost five inches from his claws (the tip but not fully extended) to his tail tip.

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