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Shaleem 01-09-2013 01:16 PM

Can Red Wag( platy) and tiger barb will be kept in same aquarium
I just bought two tiger barbs white with black stripes and red fin and one red wag platy.

Those two tiger fishes seems happy as they are swimming together here and there,but platy is at one corner,swims too,eating ok too.

I want to find out,is it ok to keep them together in same aquarium,I have 20 G tank.

Should I get one more platy so he or she won't feel alone or would she survive without other one.i also read they can be pregnant or easily get pregnant so wondering if I get another one and it gets pregnant the i think I need to move tigers out of the tank.

If I buy another one would 20 G will be too crowded for 4 I have some decorative stuff also in there.

Any Advice.

jgraf 01-10-2013 05:26 AM

Tiger barbs need to be in a group of at least 6 of their own or they can do some undesirable things like freak out or nip on other fish. A 20 gallon might also be a stretch for a group of tigers, they are very active and can hit 3 inches. 30 gallons is probably safer. Such a small group of barbs will lead to nervousness and eventual bullying by either the barbs or the platy. And yes platies can be bullies, especially females that are hybridized with swordtails.

A single platy can live with a sufficiently sized group of tiger barbs provided that single platy is a female. Male platies need (female) company or they will start trying to mate with other fish and eventually go nuts.

Platies prefer harder water while tiger barbs like soft slightly acidic water, however barbs are adaptable so its not a big concern.

Personally I would just choose one type of fish, either platies or tiger barbs. Your tank might be a tad on the small side for a group of 6 tiger barbs but the rules for keeping tiger barbs are much less complicated than with platies.

With platies, you can get away with a smaller tank, but you need to keep females with males, at a 3-1 ratio, or so it is said. By the way, some males pick favorites and will hang around a certain female ALL THE TIME while nipping at other females. Or you can have a single female, or a group of females, which would most likely be pregnant from the pet store, and have babies in your tank.....which some of them will hide in your decor...and grow to adulthood...and you will have a tank swarming with young platies...which half will be young horny males...which will lead to complete chaos. Yes that last part was a platy rant.

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