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jakwob 01-09-2013 07:28 AM

Advice for 33 U.S Gal and 15 U.S Gal Tanks.
So last night I came across a ready good offer for a 125 Litre (33 U.S Gal) Juwel Tank on Facebook.

Tank, Stand, Lights, Filter (Fluval 4 plus) and 100w Heater for the amazing price of 50!!!

The person had to get rid asap as they were moving house and could no longer accommodate such a large tank, the reason it went for so cheap is because they were struggling to find a buyer who would take the fish as well.

Not wanting to leave any good fish to be flushed I decided I could give them a good home.
Fish include: 4x Tiger Barbs, 4x Zebra Danio, a catfish (unsure of species) as well as 4 fish i cant I.D (little and silver with a black stripe which continues onto the bottom half of tail)

Before I moved the tank I tested the water which came back as perfect. I have a 50 Litre water container I use for changes so I kept as much as the water as possible.

I was currently running a small tropical tank only 15 U.S Gal, with 3x Tiger barbs myself.

I decided it would be best to place my 3x barbs into a bigger home to school with the others, and it looks great all 7 swimming together.

The only thing I wasn't impressed with is that the tank also came with a leopard pleco (baby atm) which I know will grow far to large for even the 33 U.S Gal tank.

So my questions for you guys on TFK are...........

1. How shall I go about re-homing the pleco? It isnt fair on the little guy to keep him restricted

2. What other fish would you suggest stocking in the 33 U.S Gal? (if any)

3. As I now have an empty 15 U.S Gal Tank, with filter and heater, what would this be best used for?

Nilet699 01-09-2013 07:46 AM

Not a bad price that at all seeing as the best deal i can get on a brand new one of those is 200 with cabinet.

First off the species you are talking about is penguin tetras. I'll link the profiles for you so you can confirm which one it is, as there is a real and a 'fake' version.

False Penguin Tetra (Thayeria boehlkei) Profile
Penguin Tetra (Thayeria obliqua) Profile

Second my concern here would be mixing the temperaments of the more aggressive barbs and the more sedate other fish. this could be working for you but you should be aware that at any time the fish could go to their 'true nature' and turn on the others.

3/ Chuck up a pic of the catfish.....someone here can probably identify it for you.

4/ What is perfect in regards to water?

5/ Are you aware of your ph,kh and gh levels in regards to stocking fish to suit your water? Though probably somewhat late of your already stocked. THOUGH as your using the water they are used to from that container whilst ''cutting'' it, though with more lol, of your water at least they shoudl be able to readjust a little better.

6/ The leopard pleco can hit 20 inches so obviously your right in that it is much too big for your aquarium. TBH id just go to your best LFS and ask if they'd take him. You Might get some credit etc to put towards a new smaller pleco or food etc.

7/ I might think about increasing the size of your zebra danio school to around 8 as they like a minimum of 6 and as you can see with your barbs already, the more the better.

8/ Where in the UK are you?

Didnt intend numbered bullets, especially when they dont correspond to yours at all, but it is what it is :-)


jakwob 01-09-2013 09:23 AM

Im in the office at the moment Nile so I'll post exact results of the test when im home to see if theres any problem. I keep a dairy of the tests I do.
Same with the cat fish ill get a picture so we can I.D him

Im located in worksop which is a town in nottinghamshire. The tank was also from worksop so wasnt a great distance to travel and collect and was one of the reasons i grabbed the tank straight away.

Increasing the size of the danio school sounds good to me, they are only tiny fish so shouldn't add to great deal of waste in such a large tank. (I assume)

Any ideas on what i should do with my 60 Litre (15 U.S Gal)?

Nilet699 01-09-2013 09:47 AM

Not too far down the road from me then :-)

Well I have a thread going atm about what I'm doing with it a 15gallon. Dwarf puffers :-)

There's not loads of options and I think these are one of the best.

Other people like betta sororities, or another small species tank, but IMO I couldn't Find any better alternative to the puffers. Their personalities are just amazing!

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