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Big Fate 01-07-2013 08:46 PM

Move or get rid of him?
So I got this sweet looking "SRT" African Cichlid in my tank but he's what we like to call a "Problem Child". Mind you this is just a grow out tank so It's a descion on either risk moving him to my main where I have more valuable Mbunas or just save the hassle now and get rid of him?

This is him in a good mood, he usually gets a lot more aggressive and tries to run the whole tank.

My SRT being a bully again video by BigFate | Photobucket

Shewbert 01-09-2013 01:36 PM

If you look he is digging out a nest,,,they normally dig,,, but he is making this his territory and chosen breeding place, he will chase any other male in the tank, plus chase the females attempting to mate, he will constantly return to the pit he is digging out.
He is more than likely the dominant male in the community and is asserting his authority.
Not a lot you can do about nature, this is normal behavior, even if you move him, another male will be dominant and the process will start all over again, don't worry unless he takes chunks out of the other fish, these squabbles sometimes look a lot worse than they are.
This is my Malawi Aquarium, it is over 3000ltrs and they still squabble like mad.


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