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jamieson 03-02-2008 03:55 PM

Water changes in a cycling tank.
I've just set up my first 29 gal freshwater in the last few weeks (since feb 18) and I have a question about water changes.

I think its just about cycled, 0.25 was my last test.

I have a large piece of mopani wood which is leaking tannins like crazy. From what I have read on the forum, water changes and carbon seem to be the suggested course. I have added an extra sheet of carbon filter foam to my penguin 200 but it doesn't seem to help much, the water just keeps getting darker. I know its not harmful but it gets real dark. I'm chaging about 25% once a week.

How often can I replace some of the water without messing up the cycling of the tank and how much can I change.

This is my first post to the forum and I would appreciate any help you can offer.

2 golden gourami
3 black skirt tetras
6 sunrise platys
silk and plastic plants
mopani wood and desert stone

Dtld9 03-02-2008 04:33 PM

Any kind of water change will slow down the cycling process, but what you are doing sounds perfect. What I would do though is take the piece of wood out and boil it then put it in a bucket with water so it's not making my tank yucky.

What I did with my piece of driftwood: I boiled it for 30 minutes flipped it and boiled for another 30 minutes then set it in a bucket for like a week then put it in my tank. It still leaked a little bit of tannins but it was only enough to turn my water slightly yellowish. 2 water changes and it was normal.

I hope this helps.

Fishcricker 03-03-2008 09:02 AM

I have 2 medium sizes pieces of mopani in my tank. I boiled them 3 times with water changes each time then soaked them for a few days. They are still putting out some tannins but I feel this will subside as time goes on, but I am hoping the tannins will help lower the ph of my water.

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