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mrbprint 01-06-2013 05:55 PM

Diatom filters
I was going through some equipment from 25-30 years ago I still have and came across a diatom filter. It was quite the rage back then touted as being "the" thing to use especially when battling bacterial infections. It did a really great job of getting the water crystal clear and was said to even be able to capture parasites and bacteria. Today I see no mention of them and even have to search hard on places like Ebay to find the diatomacious earth to use. When did they go out of popularity?

Absntmind 01-07-2013 09:57 AM

No idea especially with the positive things I have heard about them, though I'm still relatively new to aquariums. I've been wanting one myself for a while now, just haven’t made the plunge. Now that I've been reminded I might go ahead and order one this week :)

AbbeysDad 01-10-2013 08:36 AM

I had a vortex diatom filter in the old days too. They likely didn't catch on really because of their cost and specialized use. They really can't be used routinely as the flow rate is way too fast. A bit of a pain as the media would need replacing pretty quickly and it has to be torn apart to do that.
However, as a weekly treatment, it produced some really crystal clear water.

Nowadays, I have crystal clear water with a good filter and some Seachem Purigen so I don't think I'd spend the money for a diatom or other expensive micron filter.

beaslbob 01-10-2013 05:17 PM

Can't say.

FWIW they are still in business:

Vortex Innerspace Products, Inc.

SeaHorse 01-10-2013 05:51 PM

Interesting thread... you have me thinking too. It has been many many years since I had one of these also, 20 years ago to 30 years ago. I have to say that it is likely why we were able to keep 3 large Oscars and 2 Bala Sharks in our 90 gallon for those 10 years.
It was a messy clean out to rinse it out and refill it but it sure kept the water pristine.
I no longer own one, and I would now never :shock: keep those fish together in that size tank. Wouldn't even think of doing it now.

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