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charlie1881 01-06-2013 02:28 PM

what would work ? suggetions plz
Hey Y'all ,
I have been reading and looking at loaches since I started coming to this site and have decided that I have to have some :-P , ( wife told me so ) . But most of them are out of the question that I found at the lfs due to size all they have are ''clowns'' and I cant house a family of those yet . Space and all they will have to wait . But I know there are many smaller that are out there I just dont know of them , so Im asking those that have or have had them to help me with this . Whats a small or '' dwarf'' loach that would be okay in a 30 ? I looked in the profiles on site but I know we dont have all of them listed , I just want to really explore this before I buy in , since I will be ordering them online more than likely I want to get the best ones for us and that we will be the best ones for . I really like the bermise as always my speelin is prolly wrong sory , its got stripes tiger like and is really awsome lookin guy , would he be a possibility ? I think he gets to big for us but thought I'd ask if any have had them in a tank this size ?
Thanks ahead for any help , God bless

JDM 01-08-2013 08:35 AM

Banded Dwarf Loach, Dwarf Loach were the two that I was considering in a 37 gallon community tank.... water parameters eliminated most loaches for me though as my water was hard, went to catfish instead. They are both smallish and their rap sheet looks decent. If these are for your 30 gal community tank you might be bumping the bioloading as both of these guys should have 5 or 6 as a minimum group... but that is about as small a load as you can get with any loach groups.


Byron 01-08-2013 02:38 PM

I'm with Jeff. I have both these species in my 36-inch 33g tank and they are fine. I have five of each. "Dwarf" loaches are hard to find as there are so few, and even fewer in the hobby on any sort of regular basis. If I were to pick between these two, I would say that my favourite is the Banded Dwarf Loach, and here you would get your stripes.

Burmese Loach is Botia histrionica, and it gets too large for your tank. Check the profile. [Love this species epithet, histrionica, somewhat indicative of behaviours.:lol:]

If your 30g is 36 inches in length, another possibility in striped loaches is the Zebra Loach. A group of 5. These are a tad larger, but manage in 3-foot tanks if they have lots of wood with tunnels. I have these in my 90g and they are always playing tag. Careful with upper fish with these, because of the activity and sometimes they can fin nip, so no sedate fish.


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