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turtleman 03-02-2008 10:08 AM

Pecker Head Snails
How do you (assuming you need to) deal with the numerous small snails that you get when you buy plants from the lfs?

herefishy 03-02-2008 01:19 PM

My botias love 'em. I actually have my lfs's trap them by placing a small piece of fish meat in the bottom of the tank at night. I pick them up each morning. Free food for the the botias.

fish_4_all 03-02-2008 03:39 PM

A bleech dip or a dip in Potassium permangenate will kill all critters in the plants that we don't want. I personally think they are a pain in the neck. I had Skunk botia loaches to control mine but would rather not have then. I have fresh water limpets now and they are fine. Smaller and reproduce slower.

I will have to find the bleech dip recipe. I think it is 1 cup on 1 gallon fo water for 3 minutes.

As for the PP, I have never been able to find it otherwise I would use it instead. Safer for plants, no needs to treat with dechlor afterwards.

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