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Sylverclaws 01-04-2013 11:02 PM

My new Orchid Betta NOT sharing lol
This is my new betta. I saw him and just had to, I had a tank for him, so I figured why not? Well, he's obviously never had real food before, he got one bite of the brine shrimp and everyone was enemy number one.

Just so you animals were hurt or killed in the making of this video. LOL I've never had a betta that didn't get along with Dwarf Frogs before, but he was fine with them all day before this, I think it may have been the food. ^^; I'm keeping an eye out in case worse than flares and slaps happen, or if they continue after the food is gone. If they do continue after the food is gone, the betta will be moved to another tank. =( I may also try a divider in there during feeding times if that was the only problem. Once the food was gone they went back to ignoring each other, I hope it stays that way. That betta deserves such a nice big tank, and he'll be in a smaller one if he keeps up. A five gallon to be exact, this one is a ten gallon. ^_^

But honestly, worried as I was, I kinda got a kick out of it. And yes, my frogs defend each other. ^^; They learned from my platies that if they didn't push the fish away, they wouldn't eat. They never hurt anyone, but they will not take any garbage! =p

I had also told someone I would upload a video of them running the platies off from food and making them wait. The fish would hang around and stare while the frogs ate. xD However, the platies no longer reside in that tank, as you can see, but their ways of eating have not changed. They just aren't used to anyone fighting back.

There are two videos because my battery died. And I apologize for the poor quality, I dunno why it did that!

Oh yes, also a few minutes of my nursery tank at the end with all the kids! =)

djembekah 01-05-2013 12:26 AM

he's a handsome boy!

Inga 01-05-2013 07:26 AM

One of the most lovely Betta I have seen thanks for sharing. Also the reason that to date, I don't have a Betta. I really hate the idea of only being able to have one fish in a tank. To bad they are so grumpy.

Sylverclaws 01-05-2013 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by Inga (Post 1379254)
One of the most lovely Betta I have seen thanks for sharing. Also the reason that to date, I don't have a Betta. I really hate the idea of only being able to have one fish in a tank. To bad they are so grumpy.

Oh I know, so hard to place them. Even the females can be difficult. I got lucky enough to get a white and gold female that is perfectly happy with my platies and swordtails. In fact, she's good with my dwarf gourami and mollies too, just was scared of them the first day and kept fleeing. LOL Poor girl. But she figured out they weren't going to hurt her and swims along with the rest of them. I gotta say, it's an odd mishmosh of fish I have in my community tank, and she looks out of place. xD

You can though, try to do a sorority and have five+ females in a tank. It can be difficult to do though. You should look into that if you're interested. I think females are just as pretty as males, but to me, they just look like different fish. lol

And yes, color me shocked I got such a good looking fish from a shop where he lived in a cup. Granted the cups at this shop are several times larger than the ones you see at places like Petco, it's still a cup. He looked depressed, but once he got out and into a real tank, he became a betta. I can't see much fin damage myself, so I got lucky.

He's doing ok in that ten gallon, he loves it. But he flares when he sees my frogs still. x.x Bit worried about that. I think they freaked him out. lol But usually he sees one, flares, leaves. lol

AK Fresh Water 01-05-2013 03:07 PM

I heard that frogs and bettas aren't a good match. Frogs can swim much faster and nip at their delicate fins.

Sylverclaws 01-05-2013 03:43 PM

Actually, I've found dwarf frogs to be pretty slow. They're actually terrible swimmers. But they do great with ambushes to make up for it. Lie in wait, and then a quick strike. But they really aren't very fast swimmers. Sometimes they can propel themselves upwards pretty fast if they have something to push off of, but when you watch them swim normally about the tank, they look like slugs. Well, faster than slugs, but slow enough as far as frogs go. Also very clumsy and so not great for chasing down prey.
The main fear I have is actually the fact that the frogs are fairly delicate. A bite from a betta may break a bone. If a frog gets a hold of a fish that size, my biggest worry would be a bit of fin damage from the fish trying to escape. But they only really go for the fish if they're being badgered, as you saw in the videos. xD

Well, they're getting along today. The betta seems to be...well, scared of them. They blend in with the sand, but when they move he see's them and flares. But aside from the food fighting in the videos, nobody has bothered the other. I think it's more of an "AH WHAT'S THAT...oh, frog...-swims off-" kinda thing. But I'm being watchful anyways.
I have another tank he can go in, but the one he's in is set up for my betta and frogs. I have it -almost- the way I want it, though I would like to add in some more taller plants once mine grow bigger in the other tanks, and also I was thinking maybe a betta hide. You know, those little nest like things that float up, he doesn't seem to like my cave like the female did. lol I may remove that and get him something he actually likes, something off the ground.

djembekah 01-05-2013 05:12 PM

my betta did fine with the frog for awhile. the frog died within a few days though, and i moved him to a warmer tank and....made mistakes. i just didn't know enough about them :(

hope your little guy gets over the frogs lol :)

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