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LincolnS 03-01-2008 03:31 PM

Fish question :) warning: slightly long post
Alrighty so i have a 29 gallon currently stocked with:3 dalmation mollies, male betta, dwarf frog, 4 ottos, 1 common pleco,2 bumblee gobys, and everything needed to set up a 10 gallon except the tank and i was wondering on a fish combination

I was going for the 10 gallon to divide it up into 3 parts..with a male betta in each and, maybe, move my frog and a few of the small snails i got into their dividers..any problems with this?

So for my 29 will be minus the betta and frog..and im going to trade in my pleco for a bristlenose.* So that leaves 3 mollies(i could possibly get rid of), a bristlenose,ottos and 2 bumblebee gobys.*

So my question is any suggestions on what to put in here.* I have a few few i saw from looking at a fish store briefly and here they are:glofish(the genetic danios variety)sailfin molliesafrican butterflyropefishgouramis

any ideas please? sorry for the long post and thanks much :)

Cody 03-01-2008 04:30 PM

You don't have very much other room for the 29 once you are done moving everything. The plecs have huge bio-loads, so that goes against you.

You can't have ropefish in there. You would have to have at least 5 GloFish for good happiness. One ABF may work; you have to well very his diet and max sure you have a lid. It would stay at the top 90% of the time, and it may try to eat any smaller fish you have.

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