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Sylverclaws 01-03-2013 11:48 AM

My Livebearer Nursery. LOTS of babies!
This is my twenty gallon tank, I set it up as a nursery. At least for now. I intended it for other things, but I have well over a hundred baby fish and the two nets I have aren't going to cut it until they're big enough to be with the adults.

I have in there baby platies, mostly white calicos and one possibly from a blue MM platy. Swordtails(from two painted swordtails, a neon red swordtail and an orange one), and a few types of mollies. Most of them are from my creamsicle lyretail, she had some interestingly colored babies. Some came out like her, others came out different colors like black, spotted, half and halfs and the works really. Also some from my dalmation Molly.

SeaHorse 01-03-2013 09:11 PM

Tiny baby fish are SO amazing. They are so tiny!! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations!!

SeaHorse 01-03-2013 09:11 PM

Daily water changes and feed them 2x a day and they will grow really fast.

Sylverclaws 01-03-2013 10:16 PM

Yup. Clean water and good food has proven to help them grow better and healthier. I actually try to get in a third feeding if I can. For the first three weeks or so, babies need to eat a bit more often than adults, but thankfully not very much. Although it's not a MUST, it's good to. =) Growing uses up a lot of energy.
Some of those babies are only two or three days apart and you can already see a HUGE difference in size.

These aren't my first babies, I've been breeding and raising them for nearly two years. Well, mollies anyway. I'm newer to platy and swordtail babies, I never used to get any, and suddenly...well, you see the video. xD It's so much fun, and like a little bit of magic watching them grow. I love to post video updates of them, even if they're only a day or two apart. lol

bayhay69 01-04-2013 12:40 AM

Sylverclaws, I LOVE YOUR QUOTE !!!!! And the babies are SUPER CUTE !!!! How do you do once a day water changes ? I betcha that's pretty hard !!

Sylverclaws 01-04-2013 02:08 AM


Originally Posted by bayhay69 (Post 1377375)
How do you do once a day water changes ? I betcha that's pretty hard !!

It's not hard. lol You just have to be careful you don't take too much and shock your fish. The only real "water change" I do when I have babies, is stick in a turkey baster and suck up uneaten food and poo and then add in a little new water. That usually doesn't amount to much of a change, but it is extra work and you gotta be watchful you don't suck up any of the kids, they get pretty curious after a while. lol I'd say it might be worth a 2% change per day doing it that way, but some people go as far as a 5%(I even saw one discussion where people recommended a 10% a day, but anyone who knows water parameters knows that's gonna mess it all up and fast!), and that scares me as a daily. I usually suck up gunk in the afternoons and evening, but it still would barely amount to a 2% change. Then the regular 20-25% weekly.

I rarely lose babies after the first day, and I'm not sure if it's because I got lucky on many occasions, or if it's because I'm a bit OCD about my baby tanks. lol

Kim 01-04-2013 07:18 AM

Super cute :)

What do you do with all the babies? Just curious because that is the main reason I don't have any livebearers right now - they just overpopulate so quickly! It is amazing to watch them grow up though :)

Sylverclaws 01-04-2013 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by Kim (Post 1377584)
Super cute :)

What do you do with all the babies? Just curious because that is the main reason I don't have any livebearers right now - they just overpopulate so quickly! It is amazing to watch them grow up though :)

That's a good question. For a while there, I was taking babies to any shop that would accept them. Usually you give them to the shop for free, at any size really, and they raise them and sell them, or give them away in some cases if they don't have room of their own.
Recently I found a store that will actually buy them from me. They have to be older though, usually an inch or more long. Which means I probably can't fully raise ALL of those babies but I can raise them long enough older fry at the shops and most adults wont go for them. =p
I used to raise babies for a month or so and give them to places like petco and petsmart, I made sure they had an adequate area to keep them first. lol I've even been allowed to go visit the growing babies on several occasions to see how they're doing. ^_~ At the shop that buys them from me, they pay you half of what that type of fish is worth in store credit, or a little less in cash. I've had scares where I thought I'd be stuck, so sometimes you just have to call around to your local petshops and fish stores. There's usually someone who will take them or buy them. I try to always have at least two places as a back up, in case the shop I want to go to doesn't have room, or if one stops taking in live fish.
If I ever lost all the shops that help me out, I'd be stuck for a while. But I'd also separate all males and females. Even so, livebearers can still give birth after mating, so I'd have to think of something. I've also sold some on craigslist. You don't get as much there, but you can ask for care costs...which means you could actually ask for a couple dollars per. =) I usually ask for 50 cents or so, depending on the type of fish. So I suppose I cheat a little. xD

SeaHorse 01-04-2013 07:40 PM

I am fortunate too I have a store that will take anything I bring them. If it is something big like a Pleco they take them for NO credit and will "find homes" for them for you. That's fine with me. But my Swordtail fry I got over $20 and the entire Rusty Cichlid family I sold, parents too, I got close to $40, there must have been 25-30 fish in the bucket.
They catch them in a net, bag them and float them to acclimate them to a tank.
Fry yes need to be a good inch long, preferably more, so it sometimes takes several months to attain that. That is how I found out about the extra feedings and excessive water changes... so they grow faster for you. They will take smaller off my hands but won't pay me anything for them cause they have to hold them awhile to grow them out.

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