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locky1978 01-03-2013 07:05 AM

Newbie with breeding
Hi all. I'm completely new to this forum and new to the hobby. Well, new from a looooong break anyway. Sorry this is a slightly long post.
I have a 100 litre tank well planted with a German blue ram pair and an Apistogramma agassizii pair. Other tank mates are a few lemon tetra and a bunch of algae eating shrimp.
The tank seems peaceful and my rams and apistos are regularly spawning. The Rams dig a hole in the substrate and lay eggs which get eaten (expected that) my apistos stick eggs to the glass. The last apisto spawn went three days and the eggs turned white. The pair spawned again yesterday but today I see no eggs and an assassin snail in the area. I added 4 Assassin snails after spotting a few MTS in the tank. Is the snail responsible for the missing eggs? or do they not tend to eat eggs and something else has gone wrong?
I'm not actively trying to breed my fish but if it happens I'll go with it.

Shewbert 01-03-2013 05:05 PM

The assassins will scoff the lot,,,A 5 star gourmet meal for them,,,
Set yourself up a little breeding tank, keep an eye on the females until they are ready to spawn then place the breeding male and female in the breeding tank, once they have laid the fish can go back in the main tank,,,, in the breeding tank make sure the water has a current with a fine air stone bubbling away, this gives the eggs a good oxygenated supply, half change water every couple of days,,,use main tank water, you can leave the fry in the breeder tank. put in a moss ball or fern, but no substrate as this makes the fry easy to see and you can pick out any dead ones.
Hope this helps.
Mandy Marine biologist/Vet

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