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charlie1881 12-31-2012 11:42 AM

Inbreeding and Linebreeding
Hello everyone , I have been researching diffrent breeding and came across this article and wanted to post it for all as I have read in many threads / posts about the topic and thought it would be helpfull to those starting out with breeding .

The breeding process used to produce a ''pure'' strain of fish is kown as inbreeding. After the first fry / brood is raised , pick a healthy male and breed him back to his mother . From the next generation , select the best quality grandson ( the one thaty displays the characteristics you want ) and breed him back to his grandmother . Keep repeating this process for successive generations .This helps to solidify the characteristics you want by keeping unwanted traits out . This is perfectly normal as fish are concerned, because they would breed with each other anyway you are just pairing them up for the best traits .
As each new brood is born , check for males with unique charactristics that you want to continue on with . When your original mother / grandmothers that you started with finally pass on select a healthy daughter and continue on . This method of inbreeing is more effective than linebreeding , wich involves mating half brother and sisters . As this form of breeding is shown to produce weaker fry and disformed .
Inbreeding in mammels causes genetic defects , and many people find it a distasteful topic generally . However , in fish it happens all the time . Sometimes survival depends on it . In my opinion from what I've read inbreeding should not be looked on in the same way with fish as it is with higher mammels . If possible the inbreeding may even help to strengthen a line of species where linebreeding may and will have a completely diffrent out come. Line breeding will weaken a strain and hurt a species , this is very wrong , especially when it is done puerly for humans profite..
I hope this helps to answer questions some may have about this form of breeding .

Shewbert 01-01-2013 06:13 PM

To stop the inbreeding line, you must not let brothers and sisters mate and not let parent to offspring mate for more than 1 generation. This means that you can breed parent to child 100 times(for example) without changing the offspring genetically. But you can't take these offspring and breed them back to either their siblings or parents or else you will increase the number of "defective" genes that they may be carrying. To get a better understanding of what happens within breeding, Google "Punnett Square". This will show you how things work and how you can determine how many(percentage wise) fish in a spawn will carry what genes.

It's a little complicated but hope this helps...

Mandy, Marine biologist/Vet

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