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cwmorrow 12-30-2012 04:21 PM

Low temp fugus
We were without heat for five days and heated the fish room with tubs filled with hot water.
A multifaciatus has a very bad "cotton tuft" fungus infection on several areas. He was in a 55 gallon Tanganyikan tank with other shellies, calvus and julies. We were able to keep the tank at 65 F.
A clown killie from a species ten gallon has a single bump of cotton like fungus. I don't know how low the temperature became; it is under a thirty that got down to 66 F.
The shellie is in a two gallon being treated with paraguard. The ten gallon tank is being treated as well.

What caused the fungus? The multifaciatus had become top guy; he may have picked a fight with the Julies who are larger than he. There are only clown killies in the ten, and they are very non aggressive.
Does the temperature change contribute to fungus growth?


charlie1881 12-31-2012 12:56 PM

Hey CW ,
Fungus will attack regions where the mucus / slime coating on the fish has worn off due to damage by injury or parasites . Once the slime coat is damaged , the fish is way more susceptible to all types of other disease .
The only treatment I could find for you is to spot treat with gentian violet , methylene blue , or use aquarium fungicide in the more extreme cases .
I would recomend Methylene blue to treat with its really good for bad cases of fungus ,ich , and velvet . You can achieve the correct dose by adding enough so that the water is difficult to see through , usually about 5 drops per gallon . The blueish cast in the water disaooers with proper filtration , but stains decorations and gravel and cannot be used with many live plants . It will also stain everything it touches out of the water to like you and your clothes and carpet and everything else lol so be carefull . ;-)

And I know that a temp change real sudden like the one you had does play a role in the fungus .
I hope this helps .
god bless

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