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Sylverclaws 12-30-2012 02:39 PM

My Betta and his past and present
I suppose I should give a warning, this betta was a rescue, so he wasn't very pretty, nor was he very well. =( It may be hard for people to look at the first few photos, but they get better, I swear. ^_~

My grandma decided to keep my rescued betta. I tried to give him away and she got mad at me, went and got a new tank, and I set it up for her. lol I hope to get more photos and do an update or a few, some people have asked me to post photos.

This is Mister President, he started out red, white and blue. Once he started recovering from his hell on Earth, he started getting in some green and even a bit of purple. We kept the name anyways. lol He was kept in a cup that had only about an inch of water in it, he lost or chewed off his fins and tail, we're not sure which. He also got a case of fin-rot. The water is a little murky, but it's a new tank, and also medicated to help him out with his fairly fast moving fin-rot. He's doing much better now, no longer medicated, his rot is almost completely gone, and he is one happy fish. Today his tank has been set up over two weeks now I believe. I will get new photos of his tank and how he's doing later on. =)

First off, this is how he looked when I found him, someone had left him for me on the table, never found out who did it, but it was obvious he was a rescue and I had tanks. x.x I added water to his cup since his back was actually hanging out of the water! GRR people! >/ Make me so mad.

And this is him after he got into my ten gallon tank, it was a community tank, and unfortunately the only tank I had for him. Thankfully all went well until about a month later or so. He's still a little blah. I have two photos, one from day one, the other is from about day three or so. You can see he's missing some tail there, and other fins to boot, but also how fast he started recovering. Sorry, bad lighting in a few of these, was also having problems with the ten gallon tank. That's been fixed!
No, I didn't switch him out with a different betta. lol He just got happier.

Well, this is day one of new tank, some of the gravel, plants and almost all of the water was from the ten gallon he previously resided in, the rest was filtered and heated before adding in my little buddy.

Bluewind 12-30-2012 02:47 PM

Awww! What a happy and pretty baby. And what luck that he ended up with a caring owner. Best of luck with him hun ;-)
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Sylverclaws 12-30-2012 03:53 PM

Oh, I forgot to put up his possible future girlfriend. She wasn't nearly as bad as he was, but she was very dull in color when I got her. I have no older pictures of her, but I did finally manage to get an -ok- one today. She is so much brighter than she was. =) It's a guessing game trying to figure out what she may end up like in the end. Some say gold, some say rash-tone, some say white, and I think she may stay whitish like she is with gold fins, but I wouldn't mind a pure gold one at all! :3

And sorry, I should do smaller pictures. I keep forgetting to resize before uploading them, I'll try to remember from now on, I don't want to crash anyones comp or phone. =p

Sylverclaws 01-12-2013 05:44 PM

I meant to update this WAAAY sooner. Sorry to those of you watching it!

Well, here goes. Mister P.(as my grandma calls him), has officially gotten past his fin-rot. Not sure if I mentioned that earlier. Not only did he chew off his tail, but he got a case of fin-rot as well. It's been gone about a week or so now, and his tail is growing back rather quickly. His colors are nice and bright and he's happy and active. He's still got some growing back to do, but he's healthy(er) and bright. x) Even got two snail buddies and a crystal shrimp in there somewhere. I'll be taking one of the snails soon. lol

Also, I have started a female sorority. Unfortunately I came up one short. =O The only other female there(that didn't look dead or just about, or like it had something contageous) was a baby, and I didn't want to risk that. lol But here are my three new girls, this puts me at four females. They're in the treatment tank for now, just incase they get a bit of fin-rot or something else. And no, only one of the photos out of 46 came out even remotely good. So I'm sorry, I'll have to try for better ones later on. =(

First up is big red. She's actually pretty sweet despite being big and topdog looking. I don't think I'll keep the name, maybe. lol She's a crowntail. Yes, I know. Stupid Staghorn algae. Pulling it off takes plant with it. >< I'm actually wondering if this one is infact a young male...It's difficult for me to tell at this age...but it's looking boyish. o-o; Anyone know for sure so I can separate if need be? No unplanned betta babies for me!

Next up is my Platinum. That's what I'm calling her color. It's kinda like a cross between chrome blue/grey and VERY light chrome purple. x.x I just don't know. lol She's got nice red fins. She is a Veiltail.
She was my stressed out baby. Had all dark stress lines popping up on her, and it was probably the water and the cup. Not only was it practically freezing to the touch, but it FELT like slime! UGH! All of them but Red had slime water, all of them were freezing cold. It's amazing what they live through. I absolutely love her interesting color. She's also the weakest(healthwise) of the group and I'm worried for her. She perks up here and there, but for the most part she just kinda hangs there and doesn't move around. I am hoping it was just the stress. I knew she was not well when I got her, which is why it was a rescue. lol I am hoping they're all just darn cold though, and that they perk up over the next few days. I have separators as well, in case anyone gets mean or looks like they may have something really nasty. Hopefully I wont have to use those though, it makes less room, and they're all getting along perfectly...for now. You know bettas. =) They may decide otherwise in a split second, so they have 24/7 eyes on them.

And last up is my white baby with red fins. She has very dark eyes. She's also a Crowntail. Unfortunately she wanted only to be by the heater in the back(gee I wonder why), so I couldn't get good shots of her. She's a real stunner though. Really dark eyes, and she's also very sweet. =) Shocking betta come out so sweet sometimes. LOL Very curious. I'd have to say Red is the less sweet of them all, but she's not what I'd call aggressive. She just kinda owns her space and knows it.

You've already seen my gold and white girl, Lady. She's also a veiltail.

Well, next up. I have a male Orchid Crowntail betta. He looks purple, but in all camera shots he comes up blue. lol Well, I don't mind, either way is pretty. This little fella cost me $22! He has a light case of popeye going on in his left eye and is being treated for it. Looking better. ^_^ Again, this photo came out pretty good...darn reflection killed its epicness though.

Well, until I get my fifth sorority member that works out, that's it for my rescues. =) Once the females are done with the QT tank and my baby livebearers go to new homes, the girls will have the heated, filtered, and planted twenty gallon tank.

Sylverclaws 01-13-2013 09:07 AM

I should re-title this as "My bettas and rescues" lol I've really gotten into these beautiful, but difficult, fish. =) I used to have bettas all the time when growing up, my oldest betta lived to be about eight, but most rarely lived longer than five years. Only had three die before they hit four because I was still learning back then. T_T So few places to get proper info on Betta care twenty years ago.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention; Little whitey there with the red fins, she has a damaged left gill. I haven't seen damage in that area on a betta before, it looks like a blood blister or from...I dunno, a bite? How does that happen in a cup? Is it possible the ones who raised her dropped her to cause this kind of injury, or can they do this to themselves in a cup? I've only seen this kind of injury on a fish when it A: Was caught by a filter, or B: When a fish of the same size or larger latched onto them.

Well, I am confident I can help her recover, it doesn't look too bad. =) She's still not eating, but I did only just get them yesterday. Her "Sisters" are eating and doing well, but they are intimidated by the male I have in a net. I'd put him in the other tank and divide it, but he's also being treated for poor care and has popeye, so moving him would be a bad idea. They only noticed him today. lol He's normally pretty...well, less aggressive. He's a betta alright. lol He got on with my other female when they were in there together temporarily and he didn't try to pester her, but he saw Big Red through the net and is being a...Betta. lol Maybe I can put something under the net so he can't see them and they can't see him. Heh.

I need to see about another female soon as well. I know having less than five can be a problem(so far I don't have any with the girls other than the poor care and overall health they recieved), but I'll have to go to another shop...and it's a little irking seeing all those lovely betta in cups and filth, freezing their little fins off, you just want to take them all, fix 'em up and either keep them or find them proper homes. =( I'd like to do that some day. And I know, it helps the providers when you buy, but they're going to continue anyways so I figure I may as well fix up the little beauties I -can- place. I'd love to have enough space to do that quite often and re-sell them to proper homes in proper...."Containers" I suppose.

Well, I did get a new photo of my red and white female, it's only slightly better though. lol And you can't see the side with the damaged gill. I was hoping to put up some present and then some later shots of her once she's fixed up. It's so hard to get good shots of them! The only one that really holds still more than a second sometimes, at a proper angle, is my red one. lol I'd really like a good shot of my Platinum(I think powder blue with pinkish fins is a better term), she's a rather stunning color. It's still kinda smeary and I re-sized it. Sorry. =(

Well, I hope you guys enjoy that. Seeing how Mister P. bloomed the way he did, I'm rather proud of my accomplishment, but I can't take all the credit, they are very strong fish. They just need someone who cares. And one of these days, maybe I'll get out there and sell betta that were properly bred and cared for. That way people can learn when I sell to them, or adopt out in some cases I am sure, and see that they aren't silly little vase fish that only live for a year.

Spread the love, and most importantly, spread the Knowledge, my friends. You can never have enough, even me. ^_^

Sylverclaws 01-13-2013 10:00 AM

Ah here, finally. And you can see her damage too, unfortunately. =( I know, quite a few responses from me today. Call it making up for making people wait. ^^;

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