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Sylverclaws 12-30-2012 05:20 AM

My Goofy Gourami
Yeah, this is Capone. He's always carrying things around, especially food. But sometimes he gets a hold of one of the larger pieces of green or red gravel that got mixed in there, and just swims around with them in his mouth all flared up. I'm not sure if this is a sign of some normal behavior, or if he's just bored. lol

Anywho, I always get a kick out of this. This is probably the first time I've gotten it on tape, he usually drops whatever he has before I can grab my camera and then wont pick it up again, but this time he picked it back up. My grandma got a kick out of it too.

You can also see my newest molly fry. I have so many. They will have that tank to themselves just as soon as I feel safe moving them again. All the adults were moved to their new home in a 55 gallon tank less than an hour after this was filmed. ^_^ Once my fry are big enough, a few may join them over there until they're ready for new homes. I have far too many to raise them all to store selling size, but I will still be raising quite a few.

Also, yesss, I put a good bit of food in there, listen to what I say in the video. When it comes to peas or algae, I have to put in a good bit and spread it out or they will tear each other apart, literally. ^^; You'd think I never fed them, eh? I'd call my fish spoiled, really. lol It's a bit of extra work, but I only give them 5-10 minutes to eat and then I suck it all out with a turkey baster and do about a 2-5% water change so it doesn't get yucky in there, but nothing big enough to shock them, and it's not a daily thing, they have a variety of different foods I feed them, some just tend to be more sought after. =p

So! Without further adieu, the video. lol And yes, I sound like a dork because I am. xD

Shewbert 01-01-2013 06:31 PM

Poor guy can't get at the pea, give them cooked/shelled peas or break the peas in half, he is carrying it about attempting to eat it but it is too big for his mouth, they love peas, but don't give them too many just as a treat every few days, peas are given to fish that are constipated or bloated, too many can cause tummy upsets.
They certainly will squabble over peas, Gourami's love them.

Mandy, Marine Biologist/vet

Sqbear46 01-01-2013 09:13 PM

My gourami's love lettuce and zucchini also.

You sure do put alot of work/time with your fish. Sounds a bit OCD in a good way. I wish I had that kind of time, I work and try to have some kind of life. I love my fish but they're not my whole world.



Sylverclaws 01-02-2013 02:59 AM

I suppose I have gotten a little OCD about it. The very first tank I owned myself got destroyed. I added in a new fish when I didn't know what I was doing, the fish visibly had Ich and I had never seen it before, thought it was natural coloring. LOL Black fish with white spots, why not?! But yeah. =( That was unfortunate and I got very upset(especially since the petshop sold it to me that way). I'm always checking things, making sure it doesn't get too dirty, suck out chunks of poo or extra food with a turkey baster, looking for any nicks or marks on my fish. lol

Also, those are cooked peas without the shells/skins and broken in half. ^^; It was nice and soft, well, most of them were. Like I said, he's always doing that stuff. It is possible it was just a bit tougher than some are though, but he got some off it. Besides, it wont hurt him to work for the food. =p
And I usually do only give peas to them a couple times per week. Sometimes my new fish get it more often for the first week though. Petshop kiddos seem to be constipated rather often. Same with pregnant females. Which is why I usually put cooked peas in there for them every two days or so. Not that often when I don't have any really pregnant girls, it's twice a week on a normal basis, mondays and thursdays. :3

But thank you for the tip! Every once in a while you do get a tough pea, no matter how long you heat it. But there is rarely much left after a few minutes. ^^;

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