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Jester10 12-29-2012 08:58 PM

puffer problems
Hi my girlfriend figure 8 puffer has a lumpy belly and im not sure what to do. We do a 50% water change every week. The tank has lots of plants and we get him/her snails very often to munch on. Im not sure if this is a disease or just simply over feeding. We have started only feeding every other day. Can anybody help us out. Water parameters are good I test regularly so that is not an issue and Temp is staple.
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Byron 12-30-2012 11:00 AM

Can you post a photo? Someone may recognize the problem (if there is one) if we can see it.

Also, we've no idea what "good" for your water parameters may mean as different people can consider different levels as good or not. Numbers for GH (general hardness) and pH and temperature will help. Then, numbers for nitrates. Ammonia and nitrite won't hurt either.

Also, what foods (aside from snails) are you feeding? How many puffers, and any other fish? How often are water changes done, and how much of the tank is changed? And what additives are going in the water?

Lots of questions, but diagnosing a problem is impossible without the data.:-)


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