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charlie1881 12-29-2012 02:22 AM

getting color / breeding
Hey y'all ,
I have two very handsome fellers in my comm tank a blue ( terqouise ) and another thats blue and pink ( fancy ) . I want to keep those colors if I can .
My question is this ... Can you breed the fry females to the original male or dad guppy ? I know not to breed brother an sister but wasnt sure about this .? I dont want to have bad fishes please help .
I have 5 females 2 have had a fry from other males so I know they are safe but I just wanted to find out before hand about the breeding . And if I cant breed them how do you keep a color lineage ? just asking ..:-?
Do i just keep rebreeding the originals ? and will the fry eventually match the dad as well ? like 3rd or 4rth fry moma has by same dad ?.
Thanks for any advice / help .
God bless

DragonFyre14 12-29-2012 05:31 PM

Well, It's my understanding that breeding the fry back to the parents shouldn't do much harm. You would just want to get another male (or female) that has similar colors to breed in to help strengthen the line along the way. If you breed the fry back to the parents too many times it would lead to weaker fry and a higher chance of things like crooked spines, etc.
Beyond that, I haven't had too much experience with breeding for a certain lineage, as my guppies haven't been too prolific, and their fry have been slow growers as well.

charlie1881 12-30-2012 04:01 AM

Hiya Dragon,
Thanks for the responce . I really want to keep this color line like we talked about b4 I'm trying to get into selling them and I want a strong line and good name ;-). I really like the blue and pink , I have the 5 originals I intend to breed prolly 5,6 times then move the girls to another tank to ''graze'' so to speak lol . Then use selected fry females , all fry males will be traded and sold to keep the inbreeding out ;-).
I found another guppy I would like to get but is proving very hard to get
'' korean dragon head '' guppy sunpets has them listed I think I have to many suppliers to be sure I can priv mess you for sure if you cant find them but look them up they are really awsome fishes you'd like 'em 8-);-) being dragon an all hehe'
Thanks again for advice

Sherry1966 12-30-2012 08:18 AM

I am working on my guppy strain. F1 are born. I just weeding out the good to breed back to dad. The next generation will be F2 the grandkids will be bred back to grandpa. And so forth. By the 4th generation those fry will be 100% all his for sure. Since i started with fish store fish. I didnt know what would be in his first offspring. Just make sure you have lots of different tanks, keep good records, and have a cull tank, or sell for cheap tank. You will be over run if you dont sell or cull your extras. It is an exciting adventure. Dont expect to make money at this. Just love what you do. Good quality fish start with patience... We all have to learn this with this wonderful hobby of ours.

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