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downerbeautiful 12-27-2012 05:47 PM

Lethargic Ghost Knife Help ASAP Please
Hi - Testing my water parameters right now is not quite possible, so basics.

I have a black ghost knife fish. He's about a year old. Last week he began acting lethargic, although he's a bit more active at night. The tank is, unfortunately, a little bit colder than I would like it. He rests on his side all day, barely moving. This behavior is atypical for him.

Can I get a rudimentary prognosis, please?

Again, water parameters are currently not possible to get, sorry.


charlie1881 12-31-2012 02:44 PM

The temp can have that affect on species , cold slows . As well as overfeeding , has he gained weight ,any signs of constipation ?
As for it just being his /her nature, well I honestly don't know. I have looked at these guys while visiteing the local fish store and those are always on the bottom in the corner . The ones I have seen are solid black about 3-4 inchs . But they seem very inactive , this maybe the way they are , need to read more on them to know for sure before taking any medical action . ;-)
The first I wrote is a list of possable ailgments that have symptoms you mentioned .

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