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djembekah 12-24-2012 01:25 AM

angels vs pleco?
SO a few days ago my angels spawned for the third time. Momma angel was being VERY VERY protective of the eggs- i'm not even sure she let the male over to fertilize them. He was kinda being shy in the corner. She also chased the lone danio i couldn't catch away. She was NOT letting anyone have those things.

Next morning I get up and check to see if the eggs were still there. They were gone, as I expected they would be. I got a good look at the female, and she looked (still looks) like something beat the hell out of her. scrapes and scratches and big chunks of scales missing on her. I don't really think it was the male because he's never been THAT rough with her that I've seen.

Now, there are other fish in this tank. The lone danio i mentioned, whom i couldn't catch, cories, and a bristlenose pleco. it's 29 gallon, with plants growing (not as heavily as i'd like but i'm in the process of fixing that). The pair of angels, if you've read my other threads, were given to me by someone who kept them with a swordtail and a bronze cory in a 5 gallon tank. These angels have been full grown since I received them. I put them in the 29, not even knowing they were a pair. thankfully they are, and get along relatively well. as well as a pair of cichlids do.

They place their eggs on the internal filter every time they spawn. Sometimes the bristlenose will hang out on the back of that. I remember the first time they spawned, he was right on the other side of the filter from the lovebirds. Apparently the day after the first spawn, my mother saw him on the side of the filter where the eggs were, having a snack. Angels far away as they could be, forgetting they had eggs at all.

In this situation though, I did NOT see the pleco near the angels or the eggs. What i'd like to know, is if the pleco wanted the eggs for breakfast, and my female angel was feeling especially protective of this spawn, is it probable that the pleco attacked my female, and she tried to fight back? i've never seen the pleco act aggressive, except for one time i was moving his driftwood around and he swam out and swatted me. Otherwise i'd assume it was the male angel in some "I WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN MY KIDS' LIFE" attack.

and another question. if you had this situation, would you continue to house this mated pair of angels in your 29 gallon, or would you try to rehome them with a breeder with better means to house a mated pair of angels?

thank you muchly!

mikey1 12-24-2012 12:41 PM

yes i could see the pleco going after the eggs and angel....even more so if you turned the light off at night....plecos like to venture around in the dark, almost like bats....i am not sure what your intensions are, but if you are TRYING to breed angels they are best kept alone,

when i breed angels i keep about 6 of them in a 70 gallon "bare" tank....nothing but glass, water, fish, and filters....i do LOTS of water changes and keep the temperature high

Tolak 12-24-2012 01:14 PM

I've never seen plecs retaliate much against angels, breeding or otherwise. I've kept a spawn of dime body size angels with larger common plecs in the past, many breeders will keep bristlenose or corys going on the side just to keep tanks cleaner in a breeding setup. Angels are cichlids, I've seen pairs have a falling out & tear up each other pretty good, no explanation. If the plec did get the spawn it may have set off the male, when pulling a spawn I replace the pvc or slate the spawned on right after removing the spawn, and feed right away as a distraction. Even with this there is scuffling on occasion, dropping in a divider short term solves it if it gets excessive.

I keep breeding pairs in bare 29's, often with a few corys, small bristlenose or some such. Unless the tank is packed with decorations or other fish a 29 provides plenty of room. Many breeders will keep pairs in a 20 high, a 30 divided in 2, a 55 divided in 3, and so on. I find the 29's provide more room for veils, 20's are a bit cramped for them, and that tank size fits nice in my fishroom.

djembekah 12-24-2012 06:25 PM

good to know. Thanks guys :)

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