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wagz 12-20-2012 06:12 PM

lfs has some apistogrammas, have some questions
Hi there,

I have a 75 gallon heavily planted tank. Currently have lf zebra danios, sterbai cory's, zebra otos, threadfin and celebes rainbows, and some blue eye forktail (furcata) rainbows, still small. I recently purchased 2 german blue rams. Think they are both males. A little chasing, nothing lethal. Anyway my lfs has just gotten in some apistogramma: cacatuoides, agassizii double red, and trifasciata blue. They are young and not too colored yet. Sexing may be difficult, but not impossible. I was hoping to get two pair, probably the cacatuoides, along with the agassizii double red, but may the trifasciata blue. Questions are will there be issues with my other fish? Is this too many with the current blue rams. Do you recommend just one additional pair? I would wait to see how one pair does, but these go fast and they can't get them often. Also, not interested in breeding at this point. Any suggestions and which species?

wagz 12-20-2012 06:48 PM

After some googling, it appears only one species should be kept in one tank. ph 7 to 7+, the cockatoo and agg double red are both so cool looking, hard to choose.

Byron 12-20-2012 06:53 PM

I'm sure some others may say different, but my advice is not to get any of them. I have had several species of Apisto and except for one they were in a community tank of 4 feet length (90g and 70g). With male and female present they will spawn, regularly, until one of them dies. The females are very determined mothers, and they will kill each other easily. They pester other fish, usually certain species like corys and other substrate fish naturally, and while I have not had deaths from this I have worried over the stress. For their small size, the females really are nasty.

Some apistos need a harem, one male and 2-4 females; others are best in pairs. One of those you mention is in our profiles, it will tell you; the other species I would have to look up as I can't remember data on all of them.

Except in rare cases, I would not combine more than one cichlid species in a tank. Your two rams, if both are males [may not be, a male and female that are not bonded will often behave the same] they "own" the tank, and any intruder (other male cichlids) will not be welcomed.


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