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Unknown0730 12-17-2012 08:52 AM

Platy.. soon to giving birth?
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Hi Members! Im still new to this website.. :-D I just wanna know if my platies are going to give birth soon because a while ago... i transfered my platies in the breeding box,which floats and with a divider. I researched anything about the pregnancy of livebearers and they said that you shouldn't put your fish in the breeding box because it stresses your fish out. And you can place your fish in there(breeding box) but not more than 24 hours because they might abort their babies. Im so excited on having platy frys.. i cant wait! I provided some pictures of them... i have 2 pregnant platys which have a bit of squary box stomach.. ^_^

These are my Pictures

So What Do You think? Will it still take too long?


SeaHorse 12-17-2012 10:49 AM

Hi welcome to the forum.
Yes they both look very pregnant. I would say the Yellow is a few days further along. If you can divide off the tank and put both females in there, that way giving them lots more room than the breeder box. Or a small quarantine tank 5g or 10 gallon is better.
How big is your tank?
Mom's often drop their fry in the early morning hours, so when you check the tank each morning don't put on the light and peer in the top until you have approached the tank from the front and low. The other fish will come to you and you don't want them rushing to the surface to be fed with new fry sitting at the surface. They can/will eat them. Keep the breeder in the tank floating and have a small net ready to use. Peer into the tank from the front, determine if fry are present and feed the other fish, something that sinks quickly hopefully while they are distracted eating you can then scoop the fry off the surface... they are often along the glass where the surface touches the tank and in the corners. scoop them into the breeder. If you divide the tank... move the mom's out after leaving the fry by themselves. Having LOTS of hiding places, real or fake plants up against good sized rocks allows the fry to hide and the larger fish can't reach them.
Hope this helps. Good luck with them.

Unknown0730 12-17-2012 02:22 PM

Platy... Close to Giving Birth?
I think its a 15 gallon tank.. With 5 female guppies and 2 female guppies... I know it looks small for them but i dont have any vacant tanks.. All are occupied. And my problem is if i turned off the light... The water becomes colder quickly. The light is the only source of warmth of the water. I guess i will just have to put them in the breeding box if already needed. Do you think it is time to put my platy(grayish-brown) in the breeding box? I tried to put hiding places but still the guppies are eating their own fries and 1-3 were able to survive..... Im just turning the lights off on that room because maybe somehow it could make the platy feel secure enough to release her babies in the breeding box. But if tomorrow... No babies yet i will remove it in the breeding box. BTW thanks for telling me fast so that i could prepare ^_^ :-D :-)


Sqbear46 12-17-2012 05:07 PM

Iv'e had so many platy babies in the last few months!

I have a 10 gal heated tank with gravel, fake plants and breedng grass for them. When i notice a very pregnant platy in one of my other tanks i wil net her and put her into the 10 gal, then just let her be until i notice she's no longer fat.

Mine have all given birth sometime late night or early morning. I wait 24hrs and then take mom out and put her back into her original tank.

You will need a heater for your tank(s)

Good luck and enjoy your babies!

Unknown0730 12-18-2012 08:35 AM

Platy..... Soon to giving birth??
Yay!! My orange Platy just gave birth...but in the main tank. So glad i got plastic green grass for them to hide and caught 18 fries. They are so tiny! And they are always sitting at the bottom.... Swims up barely.. Maybe they're premature??.... I kept them in the breeding box..Next would be my grayish-brown platy that is going to give birth.I'll just let the grayish-brown platy give birth in the main tank and im sure alot will survive because of my plastic green grass. :D


SeaHorse 12-18-2012 08:55 AM

Woo Hoo for baby fishies!! Is that not incredibly exciting??!! Congratulations!!
Do you have a male platy too? If so, and even if you don't, mark your calender today as the Bday and count out 28 days and mark that day. Moms carry sperm and can be pregnant for a few more cycles from one mating... And you can separate her on day 27 knowing that the drop of fry is anywhere from 28-32 days. If you mark it now and see her getting fat again you will know when to expect them. Good idea to keep a little pocket calender by the tank to keep track of all additions, water changes, new purchases etc. anyway. Make it so much easier to keep track.
Depending on the species they can often float around the first few hours (which makes them vulnerable to being snacks) and eventually drop down to the bottom to hide. Mollies and Swordtails will do this. My Sword had 7, then 11, then 65... :shock:
I had moved her to my 10 gal the night before, she dropped and I moved her back. Yes incredibly tiny!!
Now pristine water!!! will help them grow faster. If you had a fry tank, baby fish food, and daily water changes and the fry will grow way faster. Will you be selling these to your LFS? Or keeping them all? LOL Tanks multiply just like fish do you know!! :lol:

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