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Boredomb 12-16-2012 04:49 PM

Cultivating Daphnia
Has anyone had a culture of Daphnia going inside before? If so how did you do it? Was it a successful? I was thinking of starting one. I found this site that talks about it. How To Culture Live Daphnia Would this work?

Shewbert 12-16-2012 05:20 PM

Seems a bit long winded but yes it would work, daphnia eats algea, We had an old rain water tub behind our shop that we kept our daphnia in, the natural algae in the tub kept them alive, they breed like wildfire, this tub kept our shop in stock for years, and cost nothing to produce.
Any tub with green water that has been left in the garden, buy a small bag of daphnia put it in, forget it until you see lots of movement, get a net scoop some up,,,instant nourishing fish food.
If you find the water is losing it's algae levels, throw a cabbage cut into quarters in the water they feed happily on that, plus the cabbage induces more algae to grow.
By the way use a fine net and run the caught daphnia under the tap to get rid of the stagnant water.
Have fun growing daphnia.

Boredomb 12-16-2012 09:40 PM

Hmmm but how well would this idea work inside?

sculptor 12-17-2012 12:14 AM

Hi- a few years ago I purchased a Daphia culture online, set up 3 plastic pails (5 gal. shorts), used an air pump to supply air (no air stones tho!) weighted to the bottom.The room the pails were in had large sky lights. They were fed flake spirulina which I placed in a Shrimp net, lowered into their water, and squeezed the net around the flakes until a cloud of green entered the pail through the net. The Daphnia lived on this great, and reproduced for over a year, giving my fish a great food source as well as natural exercise and behavior. After that, even though the 3 pail populations were kept separate, they succumbed to a simultaneous die-off. After trying this again with wild-caught Daphnia, I inadvertently introduced some parasite to my fish and lost a few cardinal tetras from gill issues. Good luck .

Shewbert 12-17-2012 07:41 AM

The water butt method not really for indoors as our butt used to stink something awfull, we now get our Daphnia from an Indonesian company, it is shipped in a sort of gel pack, put the pack into a bucket of tank water about a week later the bucket has multi thousands of the little blighters.
But there again for just 1 tank buying by this method would be wastefull as you get around 14 days to sell/use the live daphnia before they die off, and again for household usage it does pong a lot.

AbbeysDad 12-17-2012 08:56 AM

I would think that culturing the daphnia indoors is just a matter of sustaining the green algae water - which you should be able to do with UVB light(s)???
On the other hand, like growing brine shrimp, is it worth the trouble when you can buy them frozen?

Perhaps the experiment should begin in the spring/summer outdoors to see if it's something you want to try indoors? (I find many such 'experiments' are short lived and once the steam of initiative runs out, the experiment is over :-))

beaslbob 12-17-2012 09:40 AM

I used 6 2 liter soda bottles, 3 for phyto, 3 for rotifers. and two seperat air pumps/system. Very similiar to what is described here only for saltwater rotifers not the daphnia.

I also got a book from florida aqua farms which had chapters on culturing daphnia and rotivers.

I found their micro algae grow was excellent for culturing the phyto (green water).

For my 55g I would take 300ml (lines on the mason jar) of phyto (green water) and 150 ml of rotivers. Pour 150ml of phyto into the rotiver culture and the rest in the harvested rotivers. Then add that mixture to the tank and harvest 300ml of tank water.

I would then microwave to a good boil to kill everything in the harvested tank water, let cool, add some micro algae grow and pour into the phyto culture.

Occasionally a phyto culture would crash and I would toss it into the tank. then split a healthy culture and over a few days harvest more tank water to refil both cultures.

The biggest pain was cleaning the culture bottles. For that I had a "spare" set of 2 liters and would pour an existing culture into a new bottle and adjust the salinity. Then I would use bleech (1/4 diluted) followed by a rinse followed by vinegar and a final rinse.

I kept them going for 3-4 years that way.

my .02

I would pour a mix of 1/2 green water and 1/2 rotivers into a mason jar (like 300ml or so) and pour that into the tank. The take 300ml from the tank and microwave it to kill everything. Add a little micro algae grow.

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