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JDM 12-13-2012 09:17 PM

Infrared lighting and fish
In my line of work I get involved with security cameras and quite a few now have built in infrared illumination. The built in units are meant to light up an area much larger than a tank, but if I used a much smaller IR unit it may work ok.

It's not powerful enough to heat anything but I might be concerned about their sight.

I'd like to setup a camera for remote viewing (sure, call it a web cam) and I thought it might be interesting to also have dark capability as I would probably be recording it as well.

Anyone know if this would have any effect on the fish?


Byron 12-14-2012 09:55 AM

There is new evidence that some fish (perhaps all) can perceive infrared light. In the Dec issue of PFK there is an article on a new discovery that a species of fish [don't have the issue at home, and can't remember the species, sorry] is sensitive to infrared light. I think it was a cichlid, but not sure.

JDM 12-14-2012 07:14 PM

It was.

Near infrared above 780 nm. It's in the range that I would use and I will make the assumption that it will not only be cichlids, but any fish that is a shallow water fish that hunts prey.... although they mention mating as the fish do reflect IR from sexually pertinent (for fish) parts of their body's.

It might be interesting to see if fish that I pick reflect light in similar ways as the cichlids do.

I recall reading about deep water shrimp that could see wavelengths that we would hardly consider visible in any way and colours that we could never conceive of due to multiple types of light receptors in their eyes. Obvious uses at depth when light is low and whatever does make it down is in the higher blue end of the spectrum. Red disappears pretty shallow.


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