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iamntbatman 02-24-2008 10:56 PM

New 29 gallon setup
I'm thinking about setting up a 29g planted tank. I'd likely plant it with Cabomba, maybe some hornwort (I could make a living off of the hornwort I grow in just one ten gallon tank), and some Java Lance Fern. I would be decorating with storebought driftwood and homemade rock formations (I've had a lot of success using local rocks in other tanks).

Any comments on the following mix of fish?
-2 Kribensis moved from their current 20 to have more space
-3 small loaches (I was thinking Zebras or Kuhlis)
-1 or 2 Spotted African Leaf Fish (I think they're Ctenopoma acutirostre)
-1 small pleco (a clown would look good)
-3 or so cherry barbs
-either ~5 purple passion danios or ~5 silver hatchets

I could leave out the barbs if they'd be terrorized by the Kribs or Leaf Fish, and would go with the danios instead of the hatchets if people think that they, too, would be better off without more active tankmates.

Also, possibly instead of the barbs, I was wondering if I could keep 1 male and two female livebearers in order to produce fry. I'm sure the Leaf Fish (and probably the Kribs) would appreciate, plus I've never kept livebearers of any kind.

herefishy 02-25-2008 01:21 AM

I love those 29g tanks!!!!!! They are the best for a beginner to learn the hobby. One may keep a fair amount of fish in them. Maintainence is a little more forgiving. And you can actually create something absolutely gorgeous. And they are modestly priced.

Stocking your tank, here are a couple of suggestions. Loaches and Kribs occupy the same strata. Need to nix one. Cherry barbs may harrass the leaf fish. Leaf fish cannot swim real fast. Just quick lunges for food.

I have one 29g that has a breeding pair of festivums, (4)keyhole cichlids, (6)corydorus schwartzii, a 3" sun cat(that I seldom see), and a very small severum that somehow hitchhiked in(I have no idea how it got in that tank). It is planted with a mother sword, Indian fern(floating), elodea(floating), najas guadalupensis, an Apondogen ulvaceous(too big for the tank actually), and an anubius barterii.

Boy, do I like those 29g's!!!!

iamntbatman 02-25-2008 09:17 AM

Kribs and loaches won't mix? My kribs currently live with a trio of peppered cories and all hang out on the bottom with no problems. My kribs also generally leave my dwarf gouramis alone, although the male sometimes thinks it's funny to sneak up on one and give the end of ones tail a little nip. He hasn't ever done any damage, though. Oh, sometimes the male chases my zebra danios, but they're much too quick for him so he gives up after a second. He completely ignores those cories, though. If I had to guess, I'd say the danios look interesting because they're somewhat similar looking to the kribs, and the gourami tails look an awful lot like flake food.

I've wanted the loaches for a long time now, so I'll probably get them anyway. If they get terrorized by the kribs for some reason, I can always move the kribs back to their current home.

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