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Pleco_stomus 02-24-2008 07:43 PM

29 gallon setup and and cycling!!!! yay!!
hey guys, i got my 29 gallon setup :lol: , i got all the water in it, my new penguin bio-wheel 150 (couldnt afford the 200 after gravel and other crap). i cut a piece of bio-foam off of my tetra whisper filter and put it behind the filter cartridge in the 150. added some gravel and 2 of my fake plants from my other tank to the 29. i was hoping to put my danios in there to help it cycle alittle quicker. any ideas on how i can cycle it quicker to completely move all the other fish? my 10 gallon (the old one) has a leak in it and i cant find where exactly its at.

i'll post a couple of pics when i can get my uncles digi cam

Falina 02-24-2008 07:52 PM

Seeding the tank with as much filter media, gravel, plants etc etc as you can frm the old tank as possible is the quickest way.

I'm not sure using fish would really speed up the cycle, but if you have a leak you may have no choice.

There is always bioSpira, if it's available in your area, it isn't available in the UK. For that reason I've obviously never used it but have heard great things about it. you must make sure its stored correctly in a fridge though, if you intened to buy and use it.

Pleco_stomus 02-24-2008 07:57 PM

biospira is pretty expensive, and none of the pet stores near me have it. i was thinking of ordering it from Dr's foster and smith, but after the 20 bux theres another 20 bux added to the normal shipping. its not a really horrible leak, but every 3 hours or so i have to wipe water off of the stand its on.

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