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missusmcmattern29 11-05-2006 01:31 PM

African Butterfly Dragon? Is that right?
I'm interested in getting a few of these fish. Anyone know what I'm talking about? lol. I'm not even sure if I'm in the right area to be asking this question. They almost look like butterflys but can look like catfish as well. They jus sit on top of your tank all day. And there really awesome looking. Are they hardy? Do they live long.? I have a 125 gallon tank with Semi aggressive fish. Thanks.

crazie.eddie 11-05-2006 02:28 PM

I think this is what you're talking about...

I had an AFB, they are nice, but kind of boring, since they are predators. They prefer having floating plants to hide in. They may eat floating foods, like pellets and flakes, although mine never really ate flakes. I fed mine fry, small mealworms (they float), live crickets, and if you're lucky, insects that happen to fall on the surface of the water.

They are jumpers (NO OPENINGS FOR SURE) and mine often jumped since some of the fish got curious with it's fins and would sometimes try to nip at them.

Weasel F. 12-03-2006 01:33 PM

African butterfly fish are nice but best kept only 1 to a 20g tank. 2 or more will cause aggrastion and fights. A well fited top is a most for this fish it can and does fly out of the tank. I've had several of these and they are great escape artiest. I had 2 tanks setting about 15inches apart from one another, The ABF was in tank #1 a 55g with 4jack dempseys and 3white convicts. i thought the top was good fitting. But there was one opening about 1inche wide and 3inches look. this fish took flight and jumped from one tank to the other not once but everyday for 2 weeks before I found the opening.
I lost 3 over a years time becuse they found a opening in the top. The best thing i found to fed them is grasshoppers. They loved them. there month opens from there jaw and can be dislocated to make it opening more. My largests ones month could open 1inche wide and would eat 3 1/2inch grasshoppers a day and 3 1/2 crickets also. So there stomch was like never full.

Rozie26 02-07-2007 08:38 AM

I bought a used 44 gallon heck corner tank and it came with an abf. they are soooo cool. they don't really do much but feeding is fun. i feed him crickets and plancton. he loves the crickets but sometimes he spits them out and they go to the bottom. he's about 2 1/2" long so i would think he can handle them so i think i might get some smaller ones. but they are cool fish even though they don't do much.

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