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Aurie 12-09-2012 05:49 AM

Which tank to use...
Ok so this post might be long, sorry..

I have, right now, up and running, 4 tanks. A 5.5, 2x 10g, and a 29.

This post is about the 2 10 gallons.

Tank A:
Established since 2004, housed in the past 1 comet, then 6 white clouds and their 29 babies, after babies found a home, BGA outbreak treated with EM and now a planaria outbreak. I have nothing to eat them. Only see them at night. About 20 on front of glass near where the water from filter hits glass. Older 50 watt heater. Penguin 10 gallon Biowheel filter. Versa Top and strip light with Ultra Sun light (6500k) T8. Currently houses 1 parkinson rainbow and 6 pygmy corys.

(Parkinson is an adoption going into my cycling 29 gallon. This setup is very temporary, so pls don't say the tank is too small for him. He's still a juvenile.)

Tank B:
Established since April 2012
Tetra 10 gallon in water filter. Generally low flow, and betta currently housed in it with a nerite snail. Submersible 100 watt tetra (always 78 degree) heater. Common pond snail outbreak. No other problems with tank. Crappy old dual incandescent hood. Clearing up a duckweed invasion in this tank. 98% gone.

Final Tank:
Tetra filter, Tetra heater, plants from both tanks treated with salt dip if from tank B. Versa Top and light from tank A. 1 male betta, 6 pygmy corys and 1 nerite

Throw out all gravel if necessary

I am consolidating some plants and the Parkinson into my 29 and one of the 10's is going to house a betta (who right now is in Tank B, but is physically in the corner the 29 is going into, hence moving it) and well I am kind of unsure which 10 gallon to go with to house this betta. He is going to go in the corner that tank A is in, but I don't know physically which tank to put him into.

Which is easier to treat.. a snail outbreak or a planaria outbreak.
Do I use Fenbendazole or Flubendazole to treat planaria? I feed very little now. I know planaria won't hurt my fish, but I think I"m too over run at this point for "less feeding" method to kill them. I do water changes 2x a week, about 20% each time with gravel vac.

Should I just move my betta somewhere temporarily and salt the snail tank and then after a bunch of water changes put him back in? I'd kinda rather deal with snails than planaria but if I use tank A, I don't have to physically move the tank, it's in the correct spot already

Any suggestions would be appreciated. If this post is confusing I can clarify. Also if I posted it in the wrong spot, sorry.

Thanks in advance.


Byron 12-09-2012 07:18 PM

I've never had planaria in my tanks, but I gather the easiest way to deal with them if you do is to starve them. Do a thorough substrate vacuum and water changes (several), do not add any fish food, for a week. Apparently the planaria will pretty much be gone. Doing this before any fish enter the tank is obviously better as you can really limit food.

Snails I never worry about; they are your best friend. Unless you have too many, and here again, control their food though they eat fish excrement and any decaying organic matter so they will always find some food.


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