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Smiley Green 12-06-2012 01:51 PM

Fish keep dying...getting very discouraged
I just set up a new tank. I sold the fish I had because they had gotten too big for my 30 gallon. I took out everything and cleaned it (gravel, wood, rock, etc) and refilled the tank with fresh water and put some live plants in there to cycle it. I also kept the old filter that was in there because I figured that it would speed up the cycling. It cycled for about three weeks and I changed the filter and added my fish(8 guppies, 8 mollies, 2 african dwarf frogs, a pleco and a dwarf gourami). The first week went fine then fish started to dye. I got the fish from petsmart so I have a 14 day warranty so most of the fist have been replaced, but I am still loosing fish (10 total, only guppies and mollies). I have had guppy and molly fry that are doing fine in the floating nursery (have not lost a single one) for almost two weeks now. I would think if there was something wrong with my water the fry would be dying also. Am I just getting bad fish from the store? I have no idea what to do. If I can't figure it out I am just going to give up I think. I don't want to keep having fish die. Any suggestions or ideas on what is wrong and what to do to fix it would help out.

lakemalawifish 12-06-2012 06:15 PM

Wow, sorry you are going through all of this. Hate to see you give up hope tho :( I am not familiar with starting a tank cycle with plants. I am wondering if maybe your tank was not fully cycled and the weak fish did not make it through the cycling process, but the stronger ones did. Just a guess. It sounds like the tank is cycled now since the fry are doing well. If you don't have a water test kit, you can get your water tested for free at Petsmart. I think all Petsmarts use the testing strips (which are considered not as accurate as the API Master Water Test kit) but at least that will give you some idea what your water parameters are and what to do next. Hope you are cycled tho and everybody else in your tank will be ok!!

cotydog 12-06-2012 06:33 PM

fish dying
I know it is frustrating...they say 80% of all new people give it up after the 1 st yr

hang in there, read as much as u can & listen to all of the comments people say & then come to your own conclusion everybody will have a different opinion!

do regular water changes & add a little water conditioner (if chlorine present) do water tests (liquid better than strips) watch for the compatilibility of your fish, do u have a heater? know your parameters like how many fish to have in your size aquarium, u did your cycle thats good. It can't be the store ...mb a few would die, but not all of them is your filter working (no noise) is it big enuff

I have only been in it for about a yr...have had so many fish die I may as well hand over my bank account to Big Als...I was doing so good lately for about a month now (no dead fish) & then I added 6 more fish & have had 2 silver dollars die & a few others a few days later!

The only difference was I added mb to much ammmo lock or not enuff chlorine stuff on last water change, or to many fish, tho I only have 20 fish for a 46 gal tank (2" on the avg) I havent cleaned the filter for a few months, I only do about 25% water change...someone said to do up to 50%
I have a little high alkilinity but good other than that. I never use live plants - no luck with them - the fish wreck them

anyways good luck;-)

Smiley Green 12-06-2012 08:44 PM

I do have a heater in the tank and it stays at about 76 degrees. I don't have a water test kit other than pH, which is about 7.4. The most recent fish died yesterday (two baloon mollies and on black molly) and they were added about a week ago. The fry are about 2 weeks old now. When I get the fish back I leave the bag in the tank for about an hour and then take the fish out of the bag, I don't put the bag water in the tank. I have had guppies before for about two years and they did fine. I know what ich is and they do not have it (i would recognize it) and I cannot see any other signs of sickness. The filter is rated for 40 gallons and I have a 30 gallon tank, so I do no think that is the problem.

charlie1881 12-08-2012 11:49 AM

Hey Smiley, I buy from petsmart as well and I have been having the same problem pretty much . Not sayin its all the store but I've done my cycle as well as testing everyday I also installed 2 meters in my tank that constantly give accurate ph and ammonia readings.
I also have pretty much the same family of fish as you down to the 2 dwarf frogs lol but I also have a shcool of harlaquin and cherry barbs and now finally they have stopped dyein.
You said you dont use live plants / thats the only diffrence thats all I useno plastic except guppy grass, the mollies will eat alot of your plants they need it , it jelps them stay healthy .
I havent had any fry yet but I am expecting .
My guess is your tank hadnt completly finished its cycle , sometimes it takes longer.but I have to agree with you it would seem that the fry would die first.
Dont give up there are so many factors that come into play , you could and more than likely did just get bad fish it can happen , whatever the problem it will work itself out just reasearch and do what you learn .
Send a message to Byron he can help walk you through the steps he helped me.
Good luck and God bless , Charlie & Family

cpwebsite 12-10-2012 01:07 PM

I didn't see you say anything about adding water conditioner when you added freshwater (such as prime). On top of that, you added fish way to fast even for a cycling tank. You need to add 1-2 fish every 2 weeks, even in a cycled tank.

Smiley Green 12-10-2012 02:58 PM

I did add water conditioner to the tank right after i put the new water in....I did not know you needed to add fish so slowly though (those fish were added over about three weeks but still way more than your recomendation). I had the water checked yesterday at the pet store and all my parameters were ok. I am doing a 15% water change once a week also. The worst seems to be over now though. I don't plan on adding anything else except for maybe a loach or two to help clean up the bottom, but I will take you advice on only adding one or two every two weeks.

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