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Ashtreelogger 12-04-2012 11:01 PM

Green and i believe brown algea on decorations is this a problem?
so i am not sure where this topic falls admins can move it if they wish.

but tomorrow i am doing a water change on three of my tanks and possible the th one instead of switching the days like always buuuuuut i think i have an algea problem in three tanks.

when i went to go put new fish products away after buying the supplies i was running low on i noticed in the guppy aquarium i was getting more algea than normal.three decorations in the tank lok like a dark brown like as if the were caught on fire but all the decorations aren't near the heater but i know it's algea cause i went to clean the feeding ring last week and this week it has algea on it again. doesn't seem to bother the fish but it' concerns me.this was in a 10 gallon tank

in my male betta's tank it has algea but it's green and looks gooey kinda looking just sitting there like web around the decoration this is in a 5 gallon tank

in the female betta tank hers is the same as the 10 gallon tank all brownish looking and such and she is in a 2,5 gallon tank

i have a 4th tank another 5 gallon tank with another male betta but his tank is perfectly fine no alge anywhere that i can see but it's just my three other tanks

readings seem fine.

i keep up on my water changes which is once to twice a week.

i clean the filters and pumps and i clean the rocks and decorations

so where is this algea coming from

all 4 tanks i know for a fact are cycled

i have moss balls in all four tanks. 2 in the 10gallon. and i want to add this live plant i bought today in one 5 gallon tank as a test to see if i like it and get more for my other tanks but i don't want it to get kiled if the algea is gonna murder the poor thing.

what should i do other than the logical clean the decortions.i want to know how bad it is and what to do

i have never had this problem before i've had 3 tanks for 9 months now one for about 4 months

Geomancer 12-05-2012 06:10 AM

The gooey one sounds like Cyano which is actually bacteria. Do you have a picture? Don't rush off and buy antibiotics though, if it is cyano it won't be harmful to the fish and there are ways to get ride of it without meds.

Brown alage is usually actually diatoms, which are common in new tanks. At 9 months though you sould be beyond that.

Algae comes from too much light and nutrients in the water. Live plants help by taking up the nutrients and reducting the duraction of the lights gives you a balance between the amount of nutrients in the water and the avalability of light to photosythesize. The moss balls are extreamly slow growing, so their affect on using nutrients will be minimal.

How long do you have the lights on each day? Are any of the tanks getting direct sunlight, or in a bright room (via sunlight)?

Ashtreelogger 12-05-2012 05:43 PM

i turn the lights on in the afternoon-til midnight.we use to have them on in the morning to evenings but we stopped doing that.

there is no direct sunlight there are under a high window but the sunlight doesn't touch them.

Byron 12-05-2012 07:22 PM

If you have live plants, algae can be troublesome because it can grow on the leaves eventually suffocating them and the plant in time. But if no live plants, algae is fine, good in fact, as it performs some of the same function as plants by using nutrients and producing oxygen. Algae is natural and can be quite decorative, depending upon the type.

Controling light--without live plants any light will be used by algae--and keeping the organics low (with weekly water changes and vacuuming the substrate each time) is how you control algae, if that is what you want.

The cyanobacteria however is a very different issue, if this is what the green slime is. This is indicative of high organics and light. Steps should be taken to bring this under control, and eliminate it. More frequent water changes, good vacuumikng of the substrate, regular rinsing of the filter media, and not overfeeding. Getting some plants would help as they will take up a lot of nutrients preventing both this and regular algae as Geo said previously.


Ashtreelogger 12-05-2012 07:54 PM

Byron 12-06-2012 10:46 AM

The only "problem" is the cyanobacteria which is what we see on the tips of the white plant in photos 5 and 6. But this is not bad, so you should be able to resolve things. This is due to high organics, and it usually means there is a biologicalimbalance. Weekly water changes of 1/3 to 1/2 the tank, with a good substrate vacuuming each time, and keep the filter well cleaned--rinse the media at each water change. Then, don't overfeed, and don't overstock. And keep the light down.

The other types are normal, and not at all bad. As I explained previously, this is to be expected in an aquarium with nutrients and light, that has no live plants to use these.


Ashtreelogger 12-06-2012 02:59 PM

luckily i i don't over feed i feed my bettas once every other day and the guppies a pinch of food once everyday.i'll give the bettas blood woorks once in a while but not everyday i don't over feed them.i'll just have to cut back on the lighting though.i just put the live plant in yesterday in once tank so i ope it will help

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