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Stoke88 12-04-2012 05:06 PM

Does anybody have a fish room?
As we all know it's impossible to keep all the different types of species we find interesting in a tank or two. I've wanted a fish room for as long as I've been in the hobby and I now have the opportunity to do so. I plan on making one of my basement rooms my fish room. I'll soon be remodeling the entire basement for additional living space and I'm starting to look for ideas on a good setup. I don't want it to look like a fish store but want to maximize space for tanks. My goal is to keep all visible tanks in show condition and hide a few smaller tanks for breeders, hospitals and quarantine. I'd like one 6 footer, a few 4 footers and a few smaller tanks. Anyone that has pics of their own fish room or advice on starting my own please post.

lakemalawifish 12-04-2012 05:36 PM

Hello, I guess you can say we have a fish room in our spare room. We have a rack of 3 - 55g's and a rack of 3 - 29's. One of the 55's is divided in the middle with black european foam to keep 2 types of fry separate. We have a rack that holds 16 ea. 10g's but not ready for that yet. Our racks are just plain pine frame construction, however, very sturdy and well made.

My thoughts would be for you to run grow out tanks below your show tanks (inside the stand) but be prepared to be on your knees a lot. That is the only reason I would not want to do grow outs like that. Also, any tank that is that low down to the ground may need a pump to siphon out the water. Luckily, our bottom tanks on the racks are just a few inches above the front door level where we run our siphon outside to drain tanks.

Looking forward to seeing pics of your fish room!! Exciting!!

fish monger 12-04-2012 06:46 PM

Well, this is just a pipe dream of mine; however, I'd build an enclosure around your water / drain facilities big enough to house all your tanks and make openings for the tanks to the outer area so the tanks look built in. You could make the outer area a study or simply an aquarium viewing area. The idea is to hide all of the equipment while having a space to enjoy the show tanks that is neat and comfortable.

Stoke88 12-04-2012 07:43 PM

lakemalawifish- I like the sound of your setup. Do you have any pics of the rack of 55g's?

fish monger- I like your idea as well. The fact that it would just be a wall of show tanks sounds awesome.

I've been measuring the room and trying to get ideas but my brain is going so crazy I can't make sense of it yet. This is going to take a while...

Geomancer 12-05-2012 05:53 AM

I've thought about doing the same. I have 1200 square feet of basement that isn't finished leaving options for anything. I'd love to have a series of 20g longs to do a few species only tanks.

But then I think beyond that, think of all the work it would require every week to scrub the glass and change the water in so many tanks. I'm not sure it wouldn't cross the line from being fun, to being work.

fishkeepr 12-05-2012 06:02 AM

My whole house is a fish room! Good luck with your fun project!

fishkeepr 12-05-2012 06:08 AM

My male auratus cichlid needs a mate....I think!
Hi! I have several fish tanks. One tank I labeled the Cichlid tank started out with 5 Cichlids but after the killings and beatings I removed the killers and kept the victim, a beautiful male Auratus. I bought him when he was yellow. After putting him in the tank with the other Cichlids he turned black. But now he is alone in the tank. I would like to find him a female and see if they will get along and or mate. Does anyone have any tips on adding a fish to his tank? If not another Auratus, what kind of fish can I add to his tank? Your replies are most appreciated!

lakemalawifish 12-05-2012 09:11 AM

Found this article


We do not keep Mbuna's, but have friends who do and it is so misleading to the public that Auratus are sold at local pets stores without warning as to their aggressiveness. Our African breeder has always told us to add multiple fish at a time to a tank and "Overstock" to lessen aggression. Are you sure you want to breed? You are one brave soul! Not sure of your tank size but my guess is something like 10-1 females to male to give the fish a fighting chance. I have heard that this fish can sex-morph so my goodness watch out!

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