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Arvind 12-04-2012 12:16 PM

tube light in 200l aquarium
hello am new to planted tank,i have a 55 g aquarium.i want to set up a fully planted tank.. Wanting to know how many tube should be put (one or 2) and of what types? thanks in advance for your response..

Byron 12-04-2012 12:35 PM

Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.:wave:

I have moved your post and thread into the Aquarium Plants section which I think is more relevant to your question of lighting for a planted tank.

Well, you have some options. First, you want sufficient light intensity for the plant species you intend, and this has to be in balance with nutrients. It is simple enough to dose liquid fertilizers and use substrate tabs for most nutrients, but the big issue is carbon, from CO2 (carbon dioxide). If you intend having a CO2 diffuser, this will raise the level of balance between nutrients and light, requiring more light. Whereas a low-tech or natural system, with no added CO2 [using what occurs naturally within the system] will mean a lower balance with less intense light and fewer nutrient supplements. Obviously, the selected plant species have to be those that will manage whichever method.

With that background, you can have normal fluorescent light, T8, with one or (preferably) two 48-inch tubes [working here on a 4-foot 55g tank], a single tube T5 48-inch HO tube, or one of the more recent LED units. I use the former, T8 tubes, as I'm old fashioned and understand them.:lol: LED is much more expensive initially, but long-term can be quite a savings, but you have to know what you're getting as not all LED will work. You specifically mention tube, so for now I'll stay with those, and move on to the type of tubes. Plants have been found to grow best under "daylight" tubes having a Kelvin of 6000K to 7000K. Most of us use tubes around 6500K, and there are several. This would apply with T8 or T5. One last point, T8 and T5 tubes are not interchangeable, so the fixture has to be one or the other.

Check the photos of my planted tanks [under "Aquariums" below my name on the left], and have a read of my article "A Basic Approach to the Natural Planted Aquarium" for more background info, stickied at the head of this section.


Arvind 12-05-2012 02:02 PM

thank you very much for these very useful information i surely read yr post ..thanks once more :-D

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