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Freshcatch 12-03-2012 09:27 PM

Parody I Think
Hi, I'm new to the site, but I've been having trouble lately with my aquarium, but I think that I got it all figured out now!

So I went to my local fish store for my birthday, and I just fell in love with this beautiful fish on the counter. When I saw all the other fish in the store, I just couldn't leave without having one. So, I bought a fish and a tank. Well I put water in the tank and some stuff that the girl in the store said I needed to put in the water to make it “OK” for the fish and everything was great. So I didn't have anything in the tank and the fish looked so lonely that I had to get someone to be his pal.

OK, so this is where my problem started I think. My first fish you know had the flowing tail, and my second fish he loved the first fish, and he was following her around you know and they were like cuddling up to each other and the second fish would kind of play with the first ones tail a bit.. So I cut the light off that night and when I got up the next morning, the first fish with the long flowing tail.... well she was just gone. I looked everywhere for her. But she wasn't there! Of course there wasn't anywhere to hide, cause I didn't have anything in the tank for them. So, I thought I would go get something for the second fish to hide in. So I went to the store again and got this cute as can be castle for my second fish, and there was this other cute girl in the store and she sold me some more fish to go with the second fish.

Oh, did I say my tank was 16 and 7/8 gallons big. I think I left that out. So she sent me home with some of those sticks that tells you what the water is doing. I just thought it was supposed to be in the tank, but maybe not. So these other 6 fish that I got are really small. I think that they are called Bala Sharks? But they get along really well with my other second fish, who I named Second, because he was the second fish that I got. Well, everything was OK for the next week, and I went by the Fish Store on my way home from work. They had these new fish in there called Ghost Knife fish. They were the absolutely most cutest things. And sooooo cool. They have like ONE fin along the bottom and they can move forward and backward. So I just had to have one of them, so I got one, and some little fish she called neons, (yes, she was still working there that day too!) And she told me I had to have one of these algae eaters. I know it's a Plecostomus, because I had her write that one down. Anyway I put all of these in the aquarium and they were beautiful. So now several days later, my fish didn't do so good. I couldn't find my little neons. Second was doing great though, but then he started not swimming so well. So I thought maybe I didn't feed them enough . But I fed them three times every day since having them, so I fed them again. Maybe the water wasn't right like the girl said, so I checked the water with the sticks, and it says that there is Ammonia or something and Nitrites, but not much of those and a bit of Nitrate, whatever that is. Do you think that I don't have enough fish? Maybe they are not happy because the little Neons left. And my water was a little cloudy and I think that I saw a little stringy thing floating in the water. I think I read somewhere that you are supposed to change some water to keep it clean, so I put all the fish in buckets, and emptied the tank and scrubbed the tank, gravel, filter, and castle with hot water and soap and put everything in Clorox and rinsed it off and put everything back together again.

So I went back to the Fish Store, and the girl was there and she said that if I did a water change, which is what I did, everything would be OK! Boy am I glad, cause this has been hard work for me. So I got some fish called Jack Dempsey. I got two of them cause they can make up for the Neons that disappeared from the tank. Would that be OK too? I know they miss their friends and they like a lot of food too. She told me that I might need some live plants now that my tank was a little old now. She is so helpful! But she did make sure that I got that heater this time for the fish. She said it needed to be a bit warmer, and to set it on at least 76 or so. I wonder if they would be more comfortable on maybe 85 or so, cause you know they are from the tropics and it gets hot there.

Ok, so Jack and Jack didn't get along with Second fish too well during the night and this morning they were huddled in the corner like they were afraid to move, and their fins weren't exactly happy either. They looked like they had a bad haircut, and I could not find ghost fish until I moved the castle and he was only partly there. Well most of him was gone. I had to get what was left out of the tank. Bala Sharks aren't fun to look at when they are swimming in loopy circles. They just started doing that, and they have some kinda white looking spots on them.

Update... The Bala Sharks are really not doing well now... I jumped in the car and tore off to the fish store with a picture of one of them. The regular girl wasn't there and the lady that was there said.”Oh, you've got ich” and I said there's nothing icky about my fish. They are all nice. She then explained that it was called ich because it's a parasite and has to be treated. So I went back home with some ich medicine and put that in the tank, and turned up the heater like she told me to. Now I just sat and waited and watched and they started dying one by one. So two days later I didn't have any more Bala Sharks, and there were just spots all over Jack and Jack. They didn't seem to be getting any better.

I went in yesterday morning and Jack and Jack were gone. All that is left is Second who is not so sick with ich and the Pleco. I called him Pleco because that's what I read he was last night. You know I read about a lot of stuff that I didn't know about on this website called Tropical Fish Keeping, Like I had been doing all this stuff wrong, and so now I joined and they have this section called Aquarium Classifieds where I was able to sell my fish and my tank and my heater. I am beginning to know what I need to do to have good stuff happen with my fish keeping.

Oh, and I asked the cute girl out at the Fish Store, and she said “Yes”

No one was named in this to protect the innocent!

Stormfish 12-04-2012 01:21 PM

Oh for the love of Gawd. I don't even know where to begin with all the issues you have created for yourself and your fish by listening to complete morons at a pet shop, and of course, having absolutely no clue whatsoever what you're doing. *sigh*

I'm just glad you sold them before you could kill them all.

Freshcatch 12-04-2012 05:13 PM

But you know they will buy more!

Canadian Fish 12-04-2012 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by Freshcatch (Post 1336843)
Oh, and I asked the cute girl out at the Fish Store, and she said “Yes”

Well that's the main thing. At least it wasn't all for nothing.

Sadly my wife always accompanies me to the fish store.

Freshcatch 12-04-2012 06:32 PM

LoL... my wife read it and said .."cute girl at the fish store!" and of course I replied that it was a work of fiction... sort of.....

Chesh 12-04-2012 09:26 PM

Freshcatch 12-05-2012 08:01 PM

Of course!

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