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Hellrazzer 12-03-2012 03:16 PM

Suggestions on Tank-mates.
I'll be moving here soon and when i do id like to set up a tank for a pair of angle's, now ive taken care of angles before and i love them so much, marble veil anglefish are my favorite. now what id liek to do is a tank with alot of live plants a mated pair of angles and a small schooling fish that wont bother them but will just help to keep the tank up and running and look nice, my thought is neon tetra, if anyone has any other suggestions i would love to hear them.

jentralala 12-03-2012 03:49 PM

From what I have heard a mated pair of Angels will not tolerate any other fish in the tank, they will terrorize and kill anything else. I've never had Angels personally but I've resaerched them quite a bit. Also, Angels will get fairly large and I have heard several reports of them eating Neons.

Byron 12-04-2012 12:20 PM

The tank size isn't mentioned, but jentralala is correct. If you have a true mated/bonded pair, they will repeatedly spawn and unless the tank is sufficiently large (no less than 4 feet) the other fish may well end up stressed to death, literally, or physically killed. A spawning pair of angels is best alone, a 30-40g tank works for this, if it is your intention to breed them.

If you're thinking just having angels without the breeding aspect, then a group of no less than 4, with 5 being better is advisable, in no less than a 4-foot tank. As for other fish, avoid linear small fish, like the neon tetra, and these will easily be eaten by mature angels. The rounder disk-shaped tetra work fine, as long as you avoid the fin nipper species.

More info in our profile, click Pterophyllum scalare.


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