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Cameron 02-22-2008 11:18 PM

Bigger filter
Ok I have a 30 G tank with a 30 gallon filter. I know some1 that's selling a 70 gallon filter for only $20. That's a really good deal I know. But filter is already decent and works ok. Now I have heard that if I have better filtration my tank will be cleaner and clearer (obviously) but also I will be able to add more fish. Now I know I can't add tons more fish or really big fish or anything and I can't have like 30 goldfish in my 30 G (I don't actually have goldfish). I was thinking more like tetras, platys, mollies, danios, maybe a very small loach, MAYBE a catfish, barbs, gouramis, swordtails look cool, rainbow fish, or possibly some killifish. Oh and suggestions for some really cool types to add are welcome too 8) . But like I said would I be able to have more fish with better filtration I'd be at like 100G of filtration for a 30 G tank.

herefishy 02-23-2008 02:15 AM

A bigger filter would not hurt at all. As I do not know how the tank is currently stocked, I will withhold any recommendations for additional fish. I will say that you list is lengthy, and just those fish alone would overstock the 30g.

westpoison 03-15-2008 05:30 AM

For that amount of fishes in your 30G, you should either get a bigger tank or a bigger filter. A powerful canister filter will be the best choice.

30 gold fish is just TOO much for ur 30G tank! No other filter can help.

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