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Molinious 12-01-2012 07:12 PM

Finally getting results on my plants
Since frst plantng of my 48" x 12" x 15" aquarium back in June im finally getting a look that i want.
Some of the plants have been succesful and others havent, i tnd to fid plants on th right of the aquarium do not grow o well altho the substrae is exactly the sme as left ( seems strange to me).

The Echinodorus Ozelot has bloomed wel ith nce broad leaves on the left side hiding the heatr but the sameplat on the right has remained stunted on the right but not dying off. Echinodorus Quadricostatus has really grown well at the front with runners shootig off in all directins but here pruned where not wanted and teased in the direction they are.

Hydrocotyle verticillata did not last to much past 2 months as it was all eaten. Crinum natans is doing brlliantly and the CRS love sitting onthe ends of the leaves, ths plant is cut back regularly tho until growing more in the direction i want.

Lilaeopsis is a strange one for me tho, it just doesnt grow nor does it die, it just exists! Limnophila sessiliflora vanished pretty quickly tho, th fish loved to destroy it!

Java fern just didnt take at all but got moved to my other aquarium and is doing well, i had Amazon Frogbit in there for a whie but it took over he entire surface so had to go, some of that to was trasferred to another aquarium.

Recently added some Micranthemum Umbosum which is doin well and also 2 Barclaya Longifolia bulbs and 1 red Nymphea Tiger lotus bulb also doing well, the latter looks stunning! Mymopani root ieces are evensarting to moss up now and the flattened Marimo balls ae ging well.

The real highlight tho is the Wisteria! Heavily pruned and cut back regularly has led it to grow to the surface in a compact manner and then to spread out along the surface over the wood and looks beautiful. I let it grow for a while and then cut back the trailing roots making it look tidy and providing a shelter for CRS and the fish alike, soon enough it will cover the back of the aquarium and meet up with the other Wisteria plants.

Im loving seeing the evolution taking place

CinBos 12-01-2012 09:01 PM

Pictures from before and now?
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Molinious 12-02-2012 09:25 AM

the efore picture is my avatar, the after i put up in a week or so, iv justgivn them all a good prune but i have a vid you tube this was taken on 30th oct

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