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layo 12-01-2012 03:00 PM

Aggressive Angelfish
So I have 2 angel fish. they are about 10-11 months old and have been very close and friendly with each other the entire time. But about a week ago the slightly larger one has turned very aggressive towards the other and constantly keeps it pinned down in the back of the tank behind a plant. if the other one leaves that spot it is immediately chased back into that spot. Is it time to separate them? Not sure what to do. Any ideas? FYI - the aggressive one is doing some serious twitching and jiving in front of the other one but is very aggressive.

nicolaas 12-02-2012 03:49 AM


What is your tank size?

You must have 5 ore more angels in a group.

The twitching and jiving is normal he's just showing the other one he's the boss in the tank.

I think you should get 4 more angels if the tank is big enough. at least 55 gallons.

What other fish are in the tank?

layo 12-02-2012 10:33 AM

So the tank is a 30 gal. I have an algae eater, 3 neon tetras, 3 male guppies. Not a lot. You think more angels will help?

nicolaas 12-02-2012 11:58 AM

More angels will solve the problem.

Can you afford a 50-55 gal tank.

A 30gal is to small for 6 angels.

and 3 neons is not healthy for the fish they like to be more then 5.

Geomancer 12-02-2012 05:48 PM

Angelfish need a school, it allows the aggression to be spread out among several fish instead of all on one like you have now.

A 30 gallon is far too small for the minimum school size of 5 angelfish. The only way to keep angelfish in a tank that small is with a mated pair, a male and female that have formed a pair. You can't force a pair, the male has to choose the female.

55 gallon is the minimum tank size for a school as has been said.

Neon Tetra however actually do much better in a larger school, 6 minimum but 8 is far better. Another problem is they are the natural food of Angelfish in the wild, small torpedo shaped fish like that will eventually get eaten once the angels get large enough.

What kind of algae eater? The Chinese Algae Eater? Terrible fish that one, turns real nasty and gets large. Not a fish for any community tank, ever. They most especially can not be kept with Angelfish or any other flat bodied fish, they'll latch on and suck away. The real irony is, they're terrible at eating algae despite their name.

Back to the Angelfish ... unfortunately you most likely will not be able to buy more, even if you get a large tank. It's possible but if and only if all the new angelfish are the same size. You could not get 3-4 new juveniles and put them in with the larger angels.

Byron 12-03-2012 05:59 PM

I concur with Geomancer. Byron.

Shewbert 12-20-2012 05:21 PM

Yip totally agree too small a tank,too small a school, not enough Tetra's,,,Ray

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