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TheCaper 11-30-2012 02:54 PM

2nd Video on my 46
Good afternoon all,

This is my second video on my 46 Gallon. The first was a wide shot of it where you could not see much of the fish living in the tank. For this video I wanted to show the colors on the fish as well as to talk a bit about the fluval C4 Filter that is my primary filtration unit.

I also added 3 more Buenos Aries tetras to the tank for a total of 10. This tank's stock is now full. I will not be adding any more fish to this 46 Bow Front.

Total Inhabitants = 10 X Buenos Aries Tetras
2 X Angels
2 X Dwarf Gorami's

Thanks for watching.

SeaHorse 12-07-2012 06:38 AM

Very nice tank!! I love the set up of all the rocks and caves. I think Angels like plants and my suggestion is to add some tall plants in the back left.
Have you tried any live plants? They really are easier than I ever thought they would be, but they do need some things to thrive. And surprisingly the fish really like them too. They like to swim in around and through them rather than just past them. They also take up any ammonia in your tank which protects your fish.
Thank you for sharing. Do you know if you have a mated pair of Angels?

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