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willow 02-21-2008 03:44 PM

plec question
hay guys.
i have bought what i belive to be "red plecs" expected full term length
my question is this............
are they known to change colour when on the gravel ?
they are full colour when on the glass,however once one of them
goes on the gravel for a waffer,it goes a grey colour,whereas the other
stays reddybrown.
any insight,opinions,advise,would be greatly received.

bettababy 02-21-2008 04:00 PM

Many plecs will change color to match their surroundings, but its always a good idea to eliminate some of the other things that cause color change just to be safe.
What are the water params? How big of a tank is this? How many plecs in it now? What other fish are in there? What is the temp? What types of food are you feeding them?
Can you post a pic of them?

Diet, water params, temp and temp fluctuations, spawning, and stress from any cause will all cause color changes in plecs. If everything else looks good I wouldn't worry unless behavior changes or you notice anything for other symptoms of any illness.

willow 02-21-2008 04:14 PM

hi Dawn
bought them yesterday.they are about 2inches.
at the moment they are in a juwel rekord 96L,until i feel safe enough to put them into the 4ft.
water temp is 80f,Amonia 0,nitrites 0, nitrates 10.
there are two of them,and they are vertually inseperable,
fighter fish,platys and fry,shrimp,pelvicachromis taeniatus moliwe m&f.
pearl gourami m&f.neons
if you feel i am doing something wrong,please let me know and i will
put it right ASAP.
if these pics are no good i can always try some more.

bettababy 02-21-2008 04:24 PM

I didn't see anything wrong with the plecs, but in your stocking list there are 2 things that concern me...
Your pelvicachromis taeniatus molawi aka kribensis cichlids are likely to eat your other fish. Neons, betta, platys, and any fry in the tank are all going to be prime targets, and this will get worse as they mature and if they spawn. Those fish should be in a tank alone or with other compatible cichlids.

The other worry is similar with the gouramis... especially with the betta and neons... those are food and also competition for territory with the betta. Gouramis can get quite nasty, and as they get older this gets worse. Bettas need to go into gourami territory in order to breathe and eat... this will cause a lot of ruckus long term, especially in a smaller tank. The betta would best be kept alone. Even neons are known to chew the fins of bettas over time, which will leave the betta prone to bacterial and fungal infections at the damage sites.

willow 02-21-2008 04:30 PM

great news about the plecs,
as for the stocking not a problem,i will change it tomorrow,
it's water change day,and i need a bit of wood from the big tank
for the plecs i can move fish without a problem.
the fighter will go into a tank of his own,the neons, gourami
will go into the big tank,along with the platys.
thanks for helping. :)

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