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Granberry 11-25-2012 08:32 PM

LED lighting identification and use
I bought a 55-gallon tank from a guy off Craiglist. It came with the original big hood but also 2 Eclipse hoods that he had bought. He said, however, that he had replaced the lamps in the Eclipse for LED. I am sure it isn't one of the cool new sets with blue and white lights, but I don't know what it is. I'm attaching a picture hoping someone will know if it's a 1 watt or one of those 2-3 watts that people seem to like for plants.

I just ordered some new plants (Glossostigma, Ambulia, Cabomba Carolina) with high light requirements, and they will arrive Wednesday, so I need to know whether to put them in the new 55 gallon tank or my 29 gallon with the HO Fluorescent T5 Aquaticlife lamps.

Plants are frustrating for me; it's expensive to learn as you go...

Geomancer 11-26-2012 06:44 AM

Can't tell by looking at it, that would be like trying to tell how bright a light bulb is by seeing only a picture of the bulb with no writing on it ;) It should, at the least, have the name and model number of the fixture on a sticker somewhere.

But chances are, if you have high light plants, they'll need the T5HO's along with the CO2 injection that comes with it.

Granberry 11-26-2012 09:12 AM

LOL, yes, I suppose so; I just thought maybe someone would recognize them as something they have or something. I searched all over, and there isn't a sticker on the bulbs, just the "Marineland...PFE2" sticker from the Eclipse fixture. I suppose it wouldn't kill me to buy some new bulbs. :) I got the tank, a very nice wooden stand, 2 Eclipse hoods (which have the filter with biowheel, light, and heater inside) original hood, heaters, 2 great big boxes of cichlid stones and other stone decor, chemicals, and a big sack full of fake plants for $50.

I am rethinking my fish plans now though, but I'll ask that in the right category. :) Thank you!

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