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Bluewind 11-25-2012 03:32 PM

What bubbler can work with a small air pump?
I have a air pump left over from a small Tetra 3i filter. I would like to retool it to work as a bubbler. What is the largest bubbler I can use with it and still have it work effectively? And should I get a little stone, a long one, or a curtain type? I don't care about looks as long as it works well. :-)
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Tetrabetta12 11-25-2012 03:38 PM

I have a small 5-15 gallon air pump driving a 5 inch bubble bar and a small airstone, so i think your pump can at least handle that.

Bluewind 11-26-2012 12:05 AM

What's the difference between them all? Bubble wand, bar, curtain, stone... are there any differences between them all? And how is it that you're running 2 things?

The air pump was from a Tetra Whisper 3i, so I'm not sure how powerful it is. Anyone know?
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Geomancer 11-26-2012 06:40 AM

Air pumps, at least that I've seen, never give any specifications at all. They just give an aquarium size which frankly is completely pointless as the number of gallons means nothing to an air pump. The depth of the tank maters the most. So for example, you need a stronger pump for a 20g tall than you do a 20g long tank.

As for the difference between wands, bars, stones, etc ... there is none other than looks.

You can power multiple things by using either a T connector, or by using gang valves.

Here is an example: Air Pump Accessories: AccuAir Aquarium Gang Valve by JW Pet

Tetrabetta12 11-29-2012 02:56 PM

I use a Gang valve on mine to run my airstones. I like the gang valve because i can adjust the amount of air to each airstone.

Tikibirds 11-30-2012 01:20 AM

I hooked up a small airpump that came with the hawkeye one gallon tank to a blue startfish shaped airstone. I'm actually kinda amazed at the amount of bubbles it produces. It's in a 20 gallon long.

I also have a bigger airpump but gave it to my sister for her goldfish. it produced too strong of a current for the bettas that are in the tank. So she has the more powerful airpump with a shell shaped airstone that produces alot of small bubbles and I use the one below with the smaller pump and get bigger bubbles but not as many of them.

I got some snails and a clown pleco as wll so not sure if they need the extra oxygen or not.

Bluewind 11-30-2012 07:54 AM

Oh how cool! That is too cute! I think that will work swimmingly ;-)
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