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miagrrl 02-20-2008 09:32 PM

help with pygmys
i have been having issues with my tiny corydoras. several months ago i bought 6 pygmy cories, and 4 died...over a two week period.

second try, i added three more- and they all slowly died over about two weeks

take three - i just added ONE more...partially because i can't bring myself to keep spending the money only to fail.

i have no idea why they are dying over and over again! here are some of my ideas;
1.) my male cherry barb has been seen harassing them from time to time, maybe stressing them out to death? (for some reason, he never bothers the first two pygmys i put in)

2.) difficulty feeding them correctly, possibly not feeding enough

3.) maybe not enough of them in the tank to thrive?

the tank is a well-established 10 gallon, with 6 harlequinn rasboras, one male cherry barb (and the now three pygmy cories)

i feed a balanced diet, do very regular water changes- no ammonia, no nitrite and very low nitrate. all the other fish seem happy and healthy!

any ideas? i really love this little fish and obviously i am doing something right, cause the original two pygmys seem to be thriving.

herefishy 02-21-2008 03:01 AM

Shrimp should not bother them. My guess, as you did not elaborate on other inhabitants, is that the water quality may deteriorate and they are being poisoned by the conditions. Dwarf cories are a little more demanding when it comes to water quality.
And you may not be feeding them correctly. Try feeding blackworms, live brineys, or white worms. They should go cazy for them.

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