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MaisyDawgThirteen 11-23-2012 02:05 PM

trigonostigma espei or trigonostigma hengeli? :P
I have 5 of these rasboras in my 10 gallon, with one platy and one guppy (rest died). I bought them from a LPS in february 2012 as harlequins, but they are obviously not. I have thought for the longest time that they are trigonostigma espei, but I am begginning to think they may be trigonostigma helgeli. I am considering buying more, so please could someone help me distinguish them?

Here is the tank info:
-10 gallons
-silk plants, with a big bunch of hornwort
-topfin 100W heater, around 76F
-topfin 20 power HOB filter

Byron 11-25-2012 12:32 PM

All three species are in our profiles, with physical descriptions and photos. Check the physical descriptions as well as the photos as that should make it easier. You can click shaded names for the specific profile:
Trigonostigma espei [common name Lambchop Rasbora]
Trigonostigma hengeli [Hengels Rasbora]

These two are often confused in stores, I have seen the Hengels labeled Espei. I have both, and they are fairly easy to differentiate once you know. Both are very nice fish, and should be in larger rather than smaller groups when space permits. Minimum 7 but more is better, as it mentions in the profiles.


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